Dallas Market Center Design Ideas

Dallas Market Holiday Trends

The focus on Ellen Kurtz Interiors' Dallas Market trip this past January was Christmas decor and accessories.  Believe it or not, everyone is shopping for Christmas during January Market.  If orders are not placed now, come July the hottest accessories for the holidays are gone.

The first day in Dallas, Ellen and Jill got back in to the holiday spirit by singing Christmas carols and began thinking "happy thoughts".  There is something about shopping for Christmas in January that is just magical.

Old Time Holiday Decor

One of the most popular trends fell into the "old time / rustic Christmas" category. This theme surfaces each year and has been popular for awhile, but every year it seems to have a new spin to it.  The colors are still the traditional red and green but it is fun to see how they mix it up a bit.

Ellen and Jill's favorite tree had to be the elves, ladders, sleds, music sheets, large pine sprays and berries display. It appeared Santa's Workshop moved to the Evergreens.

Rustic Holiday Decor

The rustic theme includes large accessory pieces. Wooden lanterns, old skates, birdhouses, gardening tools and watering cans adorned the trees.

Magnolia Holiday Theme Decor

The magnolia theme offered trees embellished with gorgeous blossoms. It definitely made a statement. In the past flowers were bedazzled, but this year the style is simple. It appeared as if the magnolias were plucked directly from the tree and used for home holiday decor. The look of the magnolias paired with burgundy ribbon and silver sprays took Ellen and Jill's breath away. This tree would be perfect in a traditional or formal setting.

Safari Holiday Decor

The Safari theme comes and goes. This year it was showcased in a couple of showrooms paired with very large stuffed animals.  Leopard, zebra and tiger printed ornaments where everywhere. This look is definitely fun as well as a statement piece.

Dallas Market Accessories & Furniture Trends

Ellen and Jill spent the second day looking at accessories and furniture. Accessories by Design's showroom constantly changes out displayed items. Stop by today to see some of the latest accessories and furniture from Dallas Market. Ellen and Jill definitely enjoyed the new stuff coming out and the new finishes.  Bright is definitely still the trend of 2011.

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