Know Your Designer – Fall Flare

Jill Bozenius

Fall has arrived!!! My favorite time of year. I love the cool crisp mornings, beautiful fall colors, mums and pumpkins. Not only do things change outside of our homes, they tend to change inside, too. Fall is a great time to bring the beautiful outdoor colors indoors.

Here are a couple ideas that I find add fall flare to your home.

Tip 1:
Adding a spectacular fall wreath to your front door welcomes your guest before they even enter your home.
Tip 2:
Add some fall foliage to you arrangements inside or a great fall ribbon.
Tip 3:
Bring the harvest inside. Change out bowls, jars, or baskets with gourds, pumpkins, acorns, and other fall objects.
Tip 4:
Light a great smelling fall candle, my favorite is Bath and Body Works creamy pumpkin.

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