St Louis Rustic Loft Interior Design

St Louis Rustic Loft Interior Design The Rustic Loft is complete and the owner can’t wait to show the space off to friends and family. The owner of this loft also owns a family ranch in Texas so she is accustomed to the look and feel of Texas decor.  She likes to keep her Texas […]

Rustic Loft Interior Design

This spectacular space anticipates final touches this month. The beautiful reclaimed pine wood floors are laid and the faux finishers have finished the adobe style fireplace. The beams are installed on the ceiling and the bar cabinets are set. The stairs are almost complete with railing installed as we speak. The project is unfolding before […]

Rustic Loft Home Design

The rustic loft renovation at Litzinger Lane is moving along fairly quickly. With the Holidays soon approaching we anticipate this space will be ready for the new year. Last week we met with the Melodie Shocklee, faux painter, to discuss the fireplace design and technique. The homeowner wanted an adobe look and feel to the […]

Rustic Loft Renovation

Remodeling with a Rustic Feel Ellen Kurtz Interiors designed several remodeling projects with this client throughout the years. After an initial consultation with the client to talk about design needs/concepts, Ellen and Jill found she wanted the loft to be used as an entertaining space. This projects scope included a bar, fireplace, bathroom and seating […]