Design Collaboration — It Works!

Some people think that hiring an interior designer is an all or nothing proposition, and forget that collaboration is such a huge part of our work. In other words, they assume: You have to be ready to hand over the reins entirely and have your home completely renovated by someone else .... OR .... You…
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Tips for Designing the Ideal Home Office

Whether your home office is your primary work space or a place to conduct personal business and run the household, keeping this space fresh and functional will keep you and your family productive. Check out these tips and tricks for making your home office a space you’ll want to spend time in. Location Location Location…
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A Display Home Could Be Your Next Dream Home

Builders love display homes because they show off their work to potential home buyers. I love display homes because they are the perfect blank canvas for the staging arm of my design business! So why am I talking about display homes now? Photo via The Kemp Homes Company Well, I recently staged a display home…
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In Interior Design, Details Matter 

Part of an Ongoing Blog Series   Details matter. This is true in so many realms, but especially in the interior design world. Design by Ellen Kurtz Interiors I find myself repeating this phrase often, especially when I hear from people who are considering decorating a new home, or renovating, without the help of a…
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