kitchen whitmoor project

Pro-Level Projects with ProSource

“It couldn’t have turned out any better. It’s been everything we wanted it to be.” When I heard these words from my client, I was overjoyed. Not only is that exactly why I got into the interior design business – to make people’s dreams for their homes a reality – but here is a client […]
Family room custom home design

Designing a Custom Home – Part Two

There are some design projects that I can’t stop talking about – especially when they involve custom treatments that allow me to really showcase my strengths as an interior designer. In my last blog post, I introduced you to one such project with a long-time client. Because this one is too good to shortchange, I’m back […]
living room kitchen Lake Forest Drive

Custom Design, Custom Treatment!

One of the benefits of working with an interior designer is you can have a truly custom experience. And I mean custom in every sense of the word. You can make your home entirely unique to you, whether it is in the design and layout of the house, or the furniture you choose and the […]
kitchen breakfast room refresh

A Home Refresh Makes Sense in a Seller’s Market

Are you craving a new home – either due to changing needs, or a desire for something fresh – but reluctant to jump into what continues to be a red-hot real estate market that favors sellers over buyers? A home refresh may be your solution.  First, let me tell you:  I am hearing from SO […]
lower level reno

Lower Level Living Area Gets a Boost

As we continue to live with this pandemic — spending more time than ever in our homes, especially as this winter chill sets in — I’m starting to hear some common design requests. Previously forgotten or underused areas of the home are making a comeback. The lower level of the home, for instance, is getting […]
great room renovation

Choose Your Own Renovation Adventure

You know those Choose Your Own Adventure books that allow a child to chart their own course through a story? Well, I like to think of a renovation project as a grown-up version of that. Because there’s no single, set outcome or path when remodeling your home. It’s a matter of finding the plan that […]
dining room teal

Color of the Year: Results Are In!

I promised that I would eventually get around to posting the Color of the Year selections for 2021, and boy am I glad I waited! Because Pantone just stole the show with its announcement, which rolled out later than the other paint companies.  For only the second time ever, Pantone has announced two paint colors […]
condo reno open space

E-Design in a Covid-19 World

Covid-19 has forced us all to change the way we work and the way we live. It’s been a big adjustment, for sure. But as I mentioned in my last blog post, I am also a big believer in silver linings. And I think I’ve found mine in how I’ve been able to adapt my […]
home office Ellen Kurtz

How the Pandemic is Shaping Interior Design

There’s not enough good news these days, especially as it relates to the pandemic. But in the interior design world, there actually have been some silver linings. So I thought it might be fun to spend a blog post talking about how Covid-19 has shaped our design choices and relationships to our homes.  Now, I […]
kitchen design

Love a Good Layout? It’s All in the Planning!

If there’s a pet peeve common to all interior designers, it’s when people assume our job is only about aesthetics and decor. Yes, we want your house to be gorgeous. And there is a lot of thought, and instinct, that goes into that element of the job. But the layout and how your space functions […]

A Before And After That Wows

There’s nothing better than a good Before and After project! So, my friends, I couldn’t wait to show you this latest remodel of mine. It has all the wow factors that I strive for in a renovation — improved lighting, better sight lines, increased functionality. But the original character of the home still shines through, […]
kitchen remodel

Grand Home? Still Ripe for a Remodel!

I recently had the pleasure of working on a remodel project for an absolutely gorgeous home in Wildwood. And when I say gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS.  This stunner has an idyllic stone exterior, three interior levels with ample square footage, custom cabinetry, vaulted and coffered ceilings, and beautiful millwork and stone work to boot. It […]
bathroom tile design ellen kurtz

Tile Talk — Tips from Ellen

I wanted to spend a blog post talking about tile. Why tile? Because it is ubiquitous in every bathroom, in every home. But more importantly, because it is a glorious design touch that can send your space into the upper echelon of style and luxury, if selected properly. Or at least, that’s what we should […]
Ellen Kurtz kitchen island design

What Island Style Is For You?

When it comes to designing or renovating a home, there are so many choices — choices you wouldn’t have even thought you’d have to consider. What edge profile do you want on your countertops? Should you cut your paint by 50 percent? What color grout lines should you choose? And how about that kitchen island? […]
front porch outdoor living space

Connecting To Your Outdoor Living Spaces

You’ve probably seen the front porch portraits that have been making their way across Facebook and Instagram and the like. They are cute ways to capture outdoor family life during the coronavirus pandemic, when traditional indoor portrait sessions are out of the question. Well, all that porch posing got me thinking: We really are connecting […]
black windows white exterior design

Window Into Your Soul: Are Black Windows Right For You?

If you are like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of hours lately staring wistfully out your windows. When all else fails, daydream of better times, right? It certainly helps me get through these tumultuous days. Well, all of that gazing out the window got me thinking about a recent design trend that I thought […]
staging living room great room Ellen Kurtz

Stage to Sell: Make Your House Attractive to Buyers

Before I say a word about my latest stage to sell project, I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. These are tough times. And that, of course, is an understatement. So sometimes it feels weird to keep plugging along with my work and talking to you about design dilemmas and pretty […]
kid friendly living room design

Designing a Kid-Friendly Home

More and more these days, I hear from young families who have a really savvy design sense, and a strong desire for a stylish home. BUT, and this is a big but, they are afraid of putting too much thought into their interiors because they fear their kid or kids will wreak havoc on their […]
hardware design

Hardware, Hard Decisions

Next Up in Our ‘Details Matter’ Design Series: Knobs & Pulls It’s that time again — your chance to walk in my shoes and see just how much thought, deliberation and care goes into interior design work!  I say that somewhat lightheartedly, but it is all true. And yes, I’m talking about the Details Matter […]

Pops of Red Spell Love at Chaumette

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share a recent project of mine that incorporates liberal doses of the color of the season — red!  Yes, red is on everybody’s mind these days, so I figured why not work it into my blog, too. First, there’s no better color for injecting a quick […]

Details Matter: Bright Ideas for Lighting

A few months ago, I started a new blog series called Details Matter. I see it as a chance to walk you through some of the intricacies of interior design work. This can involve everything from selecting the perfect paint color to choosing cabinet finishes to dabbling with layouts and lighting.  What you’ll come to […]

Neutrals Shine in Modern Farmhouse Villa at Chaumette

Neutrals are all the rage in interior design right now. You don’t have to be a decorator or design expert to know that. You can’t flip through a design magazine without finding a house or two or twenty that are awash in white and grey and other cooler, lighter tones. But here’s a little tip: […]

Custom Design for a Custom Built Home

Who here likes chevron? How about custom molding? Maybe a bit of glam with your lighting as well? Oh yes, I’m raising my hand with all the rest of you. And guys, I’ve got a great project to share that will definitely get you oohing and ahhing. This was a full interior design project that […]
kitchen redesign

Design Collaboration — It Works!

Some people think that hiring an interior designer is an all or nothing proposition, and forget that collaboration is such a huge part of our work. In other words, they assume: You have to be ready to hand over the reins entirely and have your home completely renovated by someone else …. OR …. You […]
Home Office Design by Ellen Kurtz Interiors

Tips for Designing the Ideal Home Office

Whether your home office is your primary work space or a place to conduct personal business and run the household, keeping this space fresh and functional will keep you and your family productive. Check out these tips and tricks for making your home office a space you’ll want to spend time in. Location Location Location […]

A Display Home Could Be Your Next Dream Home

Builders love display homes because they show off their work to potential home buyers. I love display homes because they are the perfect blank canvas for the staging arm of my design business! So why am I talking about display homes now? Well, I recently staged a display home for The Kemp Homes Company and […]

In Interior Design, Details Matter 

Part of an Ongoing Blog Series   Details matter. This is true in so many realms, but especially in the interior design world. I find myself repeating this phrase often, especially when I hear from people who are considering decorating a new home, or renovating, without the help of a professional. Why? Because just about […]

Layering Rugs for the Perfect Fall Fix

Nervous About Layering Rugs? We’ll Help You Transition to Fall With a Few Tricks  It’s still warm outside, but it’s never too early to start preparing your home for fall. Because before you know it, there will be a chill in the air and you’ll be craving that cozy, layered look that makes you want […]

Design Talk: Setting Up Conversation Areas in Your Home

What would we do without our TVs? Well, we’d probably talk a lot more — to our spouse and children, to our friends, and to other visitors. Real, thoughtful, engaging conversation. Imagine that! Casual conversation is a wonderful way to enjoy our idle time, and that’s why I’m so excited about the latest design trend […]

Six Tips to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life

Summer is in full swing and if you’ve been barbecuing, entertaining friends or just taking some downtime with your family, you might be feeling the need to spruce up your deck or patio. Here’s a few tips to help you create an outdoor living space that is trendy, comfortable and will last you well into […]
staged interior design

Tip: Use the Concepts of Staging in Design

Ever walk into a home that’s been staged and say “Wow! THIS is the home and look I want.” But when all the documents are signed and it comes time to put your own stamp on the place, you find yourself feeling a little lost? It’s actually something I hear clients talk about a lot. […]
Smart kitchen

Smart Appliances Merge Technological Advancement with Visual Appeal

From voice-activated lights and video doorbells to virtual personal assistants that help us keep up with household tasks, most homes now include some sort of smart technology.   As a designer, I have always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with technology. Sure, the gadgets and wires serve a valuable purpose, but boy, do […]

Using Art To Amplify Your Home Design

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ve probably noticed something about my design tastes. That is, I’m a HUGE proponent of incorporating great art into a remodel or staging project. In fact, I may be a little obsessed with this design trick, which I personally feel is not used nearly often enough. Because […]

Finding That ‘Wow Factor’ In Your Home Design

A great home design always possesses a certain ‘wow factor’. It may be subtle, or it may scream WOW the second you walk in the door. The key is making sure the other design elements are in harmony with what you’ve picked for that extra oomph. A perfect illustration of this concept is the design […]
country lake estates

Staging A Country Lakes Home Elevates Home Sellers’ Furnishings

In today’s real estate market, few buyers are looking for a property that looks old, dingy or crammed with outdated furniture. Instead, buyers are snapping up homes that immediately catch their eye – homes that are staged to look bigger, brighter and newer. In fact, homes that are staged before going on the market sell […]
Hardwood floors are long lasting

Design Trends Change But Hardwood Stands the Test of Time

In my last blog post I discussed color trends for 2019. Earth tones are definitely making a comeback this year with tones like the Pantone color of the year – the rusty Cavern Clay. With paint colors seeming to shift back and forth constantly from warm earth tones to cool grays, I’m hearing some of […]

Bringing Earth Tones Back (Again) with Cavern Clay

A new year means new design trends and for 2019, that means color is IN! The stark white and gray look of the past few years is making way for rich, vibrant colors to take center stage.   This year, earth tones are the new gray. (I know what you’re thinking – didn’t we just […]

A Softer, Feminine Industrial Design Style

When you think of the industrial design style, what comes to mind? Many people associate it with heavier furnishings, darker colors, exposed brick and steel pipe fittings — all things that contribute to a more masculine feel. In fact, that’s largely how we defined it in the style guide that we posted earlier this year. […]

Designing a Lakeside Retreat at Innsbrook

There’s just something about a lake house… Maybe it’s the tranquil setting, or the promise of lazy days. All I know is I just love helping clients when it comes to designing the perfect lakeside vacation home. I recently had the opportunity to work on one of these types of projects in Innsbrook, MO. I […]

Stripped Down, Spruced Up Holiday Decor

The holidays are upon us, and for the most part, that brings a lot of cheer to our homes. But let’s face it — this time of year can also be pretty overwhelming with all there is to get done, from decorating, to buying gifts, to coming up with that perfect holiday meal (or two […]

Renovation Combines Elegance with Rustic Charm

Interior design is part art and part science, and that is never more true than when we are working on a renovation. Remodeling is in many ways a more complex process than starting fresh with the blank slate of new construction. When I am renovating a space, I have several goals in mind. First, I […]

Black is Back — Darkening Your Home Decor

There’s a reason every woman has a little black dress hanging in her closet. Because black is timeless, refined, bold and subtle all at the same time. Black is a neutral unlike any other. It can make a statement, but in a way that is entirely natural — acting almost as a chameleon, with its […]

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

We talk a lot on this blog about how to decorate the inside of your home — I am, after all, an interior designer. But as summer reaches its peak, I also want to spend some time talking about your outdoor living or entertainment space. Because your outdoor space has every right to be as […]

How Sweet It Is — Design an Ensuite Bathroom You’ll Love

The oh-so-sweet, ensuite master bathroom. It is something I hear my real estate friends talking a lot about these days. They are a must-have for many people. So much so, that home shoppers will actually turn away from a potential dream house if it doesn’t have one. For those who are unfamiliar, the en suite […]

Charm Abounds at Chaumette Villas

Designing Beautiful Guest House Interiors I love my job. And some days, I really love my job. When I design guest house interiors, not only do I get to meet a variety of interesting people — getting a window into their lives by creating unique surroundings that reflect their personal experiences and tastes — but […]

What Is Your Interior Design Style?

From Farmhouse to Transitional & Every Design Style in Between I’ll often talk to clients who feel utterly lost when it comes to finding the right furnishings and decor for their home. They call me in despair, not entirely sure what they want — just knowing they want an overall, improved look. The first thing […]

Transitional Staging Project Elevates Luxury St. Louis Home

If you’ve been following this blog, you know how excited I am about the staging work we’ve been doing. Well, I wanted to show you one of our recent projects so you can see first-hand how high-end staging can help elevate a luxury home when it hits the market. Dielmann – Sotheby’s International Realty has […]

Design a Sunroom You’ll Love

When spring finally arrives after a long, dreary winter, many people yearn to be outdoors, but find it’s still too chilly to sit comfortably on the deck or patio. Enter the sunroom, which offers the best of both worlds.  Otherwise known as a solarium, this is an area of the house that really screams springtime. […]

Design Refresh – Transitioning Your Interior from Beige to Gray

By now, this much is clear: gray has a firm toehold in the interior design world. But it wasn’t all too long ago that beige was the color du jour. It was, in fact, the neutral of choice through much of the 1990s. As a result, I often encounter homes that are blanketed in 50 […]

Re-Purposing Furnishings for Brighter Design

Some people know exactly what they want in a home. They will house hunt with a mix of vision and intuition, searching for the perfect canvas – a space that can easily be adapted to all they want and need it to be. I recently worked with a client who fits this description perfectly. Looking […]

Wildwood Bathroom Design Draws Inspiration From Nature

Sometimes inspiration strikes in unusual ways. We have a wily woodchuck to thank for this bathroom remodel in a Wildwood home (wily woodchuck in Wildwood — say that five times fast). While our client were out of town, a woodchuck somehow found his way into their home. Luckily, their son was home and able to […]

Staging is the Key to Competing in a Luxury Real Estate Market

Anniversaries give us the opportunity to reflect on the passage of time and consider our achievements — and we are certainly feeling nostalgic here at Ellen Kurtz Interiors. It’s been just over a year since we launched Staged By Design, the natural outgrowth of our interior design business. Dipping into the world of luxury staging […]

Bathroom Design Solutions Overcome Roadblocks

It’s inevitable to encounter a few roadblocks while developing a design plan, particularly when you’re working on a bathroom. Some designers are quick to steer around the problem, even if that means sacrificing their client’s vision for the space. We, on the other hand, enjoy a good challenge and want to tackle it head-on, so […]

Bath Remodel Bucks The Gray Trend

Gray and white palettes have been running the show lately in design, particularly when it comes to bathrooms. So it was refreshing when our clients told us they wanted their bathroom remodel to stray from that trend. Their vision for their new bath was one of earthy tones and a traditional style that matched the […]

Designing A Spa Atmosphere in a Home Bath

We love when we get the opportunity to give our clients a space they’ve dreamed about for years. This particular couple had always longed for the luxurious kind of bathroom that felt like a spa – an escape from reality where they could relax and unwind. They wanted to feel serene just by being in […]

Updated Fireplace Makes Wow Statement In Room Design

Sometimes, all it takes is one element to truly elevate a design. Likewise, one outdated or unsightly piece can quickly muddy an otherwise spectacular room. Here’s a perfect example. While this fireplace was once an eye-catching element in this room, the green marble had long since become outdated. As we began our remodel, it became […]

Staging A Traditional Home

For years now, the interior design world has been infatuated with terms like “vintage,” and “retro.” Antique furnishings and accessories have always, and likely, will always be a favored element in high-end design. Whether you’re a designer or a consumer, it is often more rewarding to discover that perfect piece in an antique or vintage […]

Navy and Cream Make for Sophisticated, Classic New Home Design

It’s been a busy season here at Ellen Kurtz Interiors, and we are loving our dual roles as interior designers and real estate staging designers! The two roles are so well-aligned, sometimes they cross over! In of our most recent staging projects, we were hired to work on a new construction display home in the […]

Staging Elevates Clayton Home into Real Estate Jewel

When the realtor approached us about staging this home, we were excited to show how our design expertise could elevate the property in the eyes of potential buyers. While this three-bedroom, four-bath brick home in Clayton has many stunning features, sometimes a little polish can make even the most beautiful jewel shine even brighter. The […]

Condo Design Highlights Curves in Unique Floor Plan

Last month, the Ladue News featured an Ellen Kurtz Interiors project – a design we created at The Crescent Condos in Clayton. The design of this condo is different from some of the others in the complex, so the floor plan is unique. This meant I had to think outside the box when it came […]

New Hampshire Home Warms Up with Coastal Craftsman Interior Design

When my clients built their retirement home in New Hampshire, they had a few items on their wish list. They wanted the design of the home to capitalize on the gorgeous views of the water, while still blending in with the environment of the wooded landscape. For the interior, they envisioned a coastal craftsman style […]

Lower Level Design Features Military Display, Wine Cellar

One of the nice things about designing a lower level is that it doesn’t have to be as rushed as a main floor project. Because most homeowners don’t use the lower level of their home as their primary living space, this portion of the home can be used for the “extras” – the bar, the […]

Designing to Sell – A New Venture for Ellen Kurtz Interiors

Ellen Kurtz Interiors ended 2016 with a stunning staging project at the Chase Park Plaza Residences, one of St. Louis’ most prestigious residences. The three bedroom, two and a half bath home was already a sight to behold – the panoramic views of the city from the 1,000-square-foot terrace are nothing short of breathtaking. But […]

A 10-Foot Island and Dishes on Display – A Kitchen Remodel for the Entertaining Homeowner

In so many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the home – the place where everyone gathers for meals, conversation and comfort. When a client hires us to remodel a kitchen, it always feels like a very personal assignment. We are redesigning the very spirit of the home. In this project, our client hired […]

Finding A Unique Solution for Outdated Trends

Most designers have a love/hate relationship with trends. It can be fun to get swept up using elements of the hot trend du jour, whether it’s a chevron pattern or wall-to-wall gray. After all, one of the key elements of our job is to design a space that appeals to our client. That means not […]
By definition, the foyer is the main entryway into your home. It gives a visitor their first impression into your style and taste.

Update Foyer and Staircase to Hit Reset Button on Entryway Style

By definition, the foyer is the main entryway into your home. It gives a visitor their first impression into your style and taste. And yet sometimes, in the flurry of remodeling outdated bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces, we overlook this ever-important area. I’ve been working on this particular home for some time, updating many of […]

Elevate Your Design by Working with the Finest Furniture and Upholstery Lines

Furniture, rugs and accessories are not part of a design, they are the design. That’s why as a designer, I seek out the very best furniture, upholstery and accessory lines on the market. There are countless lines available across the globe, and each carries a number of designers and artists who create furniture, fabric, rugs […]

MOMA Exhibit Examines Interior Design History, Sparks Passion in Designers

Anyone who has studied design knows that every style is rooted somewhere in the past. While we all like to think our ideas are revolutionary and unique, if we look backward, we can often see glimpses of our current design styles in those of 10, 20 or even 50 years ago. In September, the Museum […]

Industrial Interior Design Adds Value to Lower Level Renovation

Lower level renovations can add value to a home, both in terms of resale and live-in comfort. If you have ever had an unfinished basement, you know that it is often a musty space left to serve as a catch-all for storage, clutter and messes. Lower level rooms tend to have some pretty frustrating issues […]

Small Groupings Make a Big Impact in Design

It doesn’t always require an entire redesign to make an impact in a space. Sometimes, a client will ask me to help them design a small section of a room, or layout a grouping around a new piece of furniture. It’s amazing how just focusing on one small area can make such a significant difference […]

Lighting Up the Room with Style

Lighting isn’t the first element of design most people notice. In an average home, visitors would likely comment on the art, the flooring and the paint color long before they’d make mention of a sconce or a hanging fixture. If, however, the room is poorly lit, guests will notice that immediately, though I doubt they’d […]

New Materials and Refinished Pieces Create Cozy, Soothing Space

Longtime clients are a lot like longtime friends. As the years pass by, you get the pleasure of watching each other evolve and grow. One of the best things about working with longtime clients is seeing how their taste has changed over the years. A perfect example of this is a couple I have worked […]

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Mag Features Ellen Kurtz Interiors Design Project

“From Grandma’s House to Chic” We are very excited to share that one of our recent projects is featured in the September 2016 issue of St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Magazine! We completely remodeled the condo of a dear friend and client, and the results are gorgeous! The project is featured in a special Before […]
Five Questions to Ask Interior Designers

Five Questions To Ask An Interior Designer Before You Hire

When you make the important decision to hire an interior designer – a decision I obviously encourage – I suggest you research potential designers thoroughly. There are a lot of talented, creative designers in the St. Louis metropolitan area, but as is the case with all professions, there are also some who are not as […]
I knew he loved contemporary homes and black and white. He also collects art. Together, we brought his taste and style into the design with bold colors, modern art and furniture.

Modern Home Design Makes Bold Impression

Unforgettable. Contemporary. Artistic. If I had to describe this home design in three words – those would be the ones. It’s been some time since I initially worked with my client to design this home, but since he recently put this space on the market, I felt it was a good time to reminisce. I […]

Designing A Rustic Home with Memorable Accents

Every individual’s home should be a representation of who they are. As a designer, I find it very rewarding when I finish a project that not only pleases the client, but also gives visitors to the space a glimpse into the homeowner’s style and taste. This rustic, western-style home is a great example of a […]

Lakeside Remodel Featured in St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

Last summer, St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles Magazine chose one of our Lake St. Louis remodeling projects as the subject of one of their feature articles on lakeside homes. In the article, writer Jamie Siebrase penned, “interior designer Ellen Kurtz of Ellen Kurtz Interiors helped the Malashocks craft a chic and comfortable resort-inspired cabana with […]
A garage you'll want to live in!

Designing A Garage You’ll Want to Live In

Our client hired us to make their three-car garage flow as an integral part of their St. Charles home. They wanted to feel as though they were entering their living space from the moment they drove in. When we started, the garage looked like. . .well, a garage. It had basic drywall walls, unfinished concrete […]
Bathroom remodels that make guests jealous.

Bathroom Remodel Guests Will Envy

Bathrooms are the most intimate room in the home. It’s where we go to unwind and decompress from the world outside.   So it is no wonder we are instinctively jealous when we visit a home with a luxurious walk-in shower or spa tub in their master bath.   A long-time client recently hired me […]
The renovated kitchen at the condo. The tile was ordered through Prosource, the cabinets were created by Kenrose Kitchen Kabinets and the counters were ordered through Stone Trends.

Complete Condo Renovation Yields Gorgeous Results

In the fall of 2015, a former client asked me to help renovate his new condo. I had previously worked with the client and his wife on projects in their home. After his wife passed away from cancer, the gentleman decided to downsize from their large home to a condo. I was excited to help […]
Visual wall of history at Sachs Electric

Designing A Visual Timeline of History

Welcome back to our blog! I’ve been taking a break from blogging while we worked on some pretty amazing projects, but now we’re back at it. You can expect to find new content here every week! One of those amazing projects I’ve been working on is at the Sachs Electric building in St. Louis. I […]

A video post

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Holiday Table Settings

Yesterday, Ellen and I did a rather cute table setting for a client of ours. This particular setting is for everyday use, but it inspired me to post something about table settings, and since the holiday season has begun I thought this would be the perfect topic. Another thing that built on this inspiration was […]

Pastels are in Bloom!

Pastels are making a comeback! According to a recent online article from Sherwin-Williams, these soft hues are making a re-emergence. But don’t worry these aren’t the pastels we tend to associate with Easter eggs or Dynasty. Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, says, “Pastels don’t have to be baby blue or pale pink. […]

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Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got Some Buttons?

Ellen recently had the opportunity to do custom window treatments and bedding for a client’s teenaged daughter. Working with very specific colors and requests, such as the use of buttons. This is what Ellen came up with! A gray, hand-tacked comforter is accented by pink and green pillows, which match the pink and green wall […]

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Pantone Color of the Year 2013

Pantone has released its color choice for 2013; Emerald! According to the press release from Pantone, last year’s Tangerine Tango was a spirited, reddish orange that provided us with an energy boost. This year’s Emerald will continue to promote a sense of well-being through its vividness, while promoting balance and harmony. “Most often associated with […]

Some Things Old, Some Things New

St Louis Homes & Lifestyles features a relaxed yet elegant design. This fabulous Town & Country home is a unique synthesis of new construction, classic styling and the artistry of the ancient Orient.

It’s an Election Year!

Ellen has received requests, during this election year, for pieces with America or American icons in mind. Here are some of the great Americana pieces we’ve found!     -Michelle

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Concrete Offers Many Creative Uses in the Home

Ellen Kurtz, Saint Louis Interior Designer, was interviewed along with Grant Pointer, co-owner of CustomCrete Inc. in St. Peters by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently highlighting creative ways to use concrete in your home. You may think it odd to hear someone declare, “What a gorgeous concrete floor!” After all, when most folks think of concrete, […]

Interior Design Pinterest

The interior design process can be overwhelming to the average person. Pinterest offers an easy way to organize your ideas and thoughts. It is a great site, which allows organization of  pictures under categories. It acts as a virtual bulletin board and is a creative place to keep inspirational pictures.  Similar to Facebook and Twitter, […]

Wapping Paper Color Design Inspiration

Each year, after shopping for the perfect gift, we sit down to wrap each item with care using the perfect paper. The paper that was picked based on our favorite colors, shapes and images. We adorn the package with beautiful bows, ribbons and trinkets. It is a exquisite masterpiece! But, after Christmas morning the gifts […]

5 Fun & Fabulous Holiday Tips

Decorating Tip #1: Holiday Table Decor Use a fun and funky piece as a table centerpiece. Since everyone seems to be crafty this year and with Pinterest inspiring and generating ideas. Why not reinvent something old to something eye catching. These candlesticks sat on the self in the showroom gathering dust in their original color. […]

Christmas Tree Design

Holiday Decor Most of you know by now that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the trees, the lights and spending time with my family. This year things are going to be a little different from past years but all great changes. Every year when I put up my tree, I […]

2012 Sherwin Williams Color Forecast

2012 Sherwin Williams Color Forcast Neutrals Raw materials continue to influence color trends, especially the more subtle hues. Picture a field of grain, pile of pebbles, weathered wood and earthen clay. Gold tones embody the sun and soft metallics — and warm up this understated yet refined palette. Textural elements, such as linen, unfired porcelain […]

Designer Tree

Recently, Ellen Kurtz was honored by St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles and was awarded top honors for her design work within her home making it one of the magazines favorite spaces.  It is surely one of Ellen’s favorites spaces within her home.  The basement entertainment room houses family and friends often and is naturally the […]

Heart of the Home Kitchen Tours

Kitchen Interior Design Many took the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Heart of the Home Kitchen self-guided tour and were inspired by fabulous kitchens. A special thanks to owner, Kay Haribson for taking part in JDRF’s tour. Ellen Kurtz Interiors designed the innovative Kitchen with Jim Howard from Glen Alspaugh Kitchen and Baths designing the cabinetry. […]

Holiday Accessories Sale

Tis the season to decorate! Accessories by DESIGN has just what you need to decorate your home for the holiday. Call the showroom for holiday hours.

Christmas Decorating Tips from Jill Bolzenius

Well, it seems to be that time again. Actually it was the time in August according to most retail stores. This year the hot Christmas color trends are heading back in that traditional green and red theme. Ellen and I were in Dallas last January, and we saw a lot of Burgundy reds and moss […]

St. Louis Designer Favorite Trends

Ellen Kurtz takes a minute to discuss interior design. Q: What trends or designers are you paying attention to? A: Right now, I love the designer Candice Olson.  The simplicity and elegance of her lines are appealing to all.  Clients are calling to say they need a cleaner, fresher look and using Candice’s area rugs, lighting, and wall coverings […]

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles: Favorite Spaces

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles recently announced its favorite spaces winners in their October issue. Ellen’s entertainment room took top lower level. Read more on Ellen’s entertainment room design process from a past post. The judges loved it because the themed room featured authentic, rustic details that worked together to create a warm entertaining area. […]

Top Interior Design Picks

Jill Bolzenius shares her favorite things. KOHLER Fixtures from Kohler have a distinct style and look.  Kohler has been around for a while, and I must say it is the first company I go to when I am looking for plumbing fixtures.  I love looking through magazines and come upon one of their great ads […]

Fall in Love with Ellen Kurtz

Interior design is driven by inspiration, and many clients ask where I find mine.  I find it in a few of my favorite things that allow me to recharge my creative spirit. Riding Bikes – Riding Bikes offers a great way to exercise and can be a wonderful way to relax.   Strapping the carrier […]

Fall in Love with Jill Bolzenius

You welcome Ellen and I into your home with each interior we design.  We enjoy learning about our clients during the design process and this fall, I would love to share a few of my favorite things with you. 1) Hiking –  I love being outside and working out. Hiking meshes the two for an […]

Accessories by Design Fall Sale

All Halloween and Fall Decorations 40% Off. Hurry in.

Ladies Night Out 2011

Ladies Night Out Benefits Lydia’s House More than 200 ladies joined Ellen Kurtz Interiors at the second annual Ladies Night Out. Thank You for making this charitable event a success! This year the proceeds from the event benefited Lydia’s House. Lydia’s House is a local organization that provides transitional housing for abused women and their […]

Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour

Save the date for this years Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour.  Ellen Kurtz Interiors is supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for the second year. The tour features kitchens staged by professional interior designers. This self-guided tour begins at 10 a.m. and costs $40 per person. For tickets, contact Laura Roeder at All […]

Kravet Inspired Design

Taking Interior Design from Country to Transitional Decorating your home is a huge step towards personalizing your living spaces. Reaching out and finding that level of comfort by making each room warm and inviting can be overwhelming. Each year, popular color schemes change. At one time, blue, burgundy and beige colors filled interiors of many […]

Chaumette Winery Interior Design

Ellen and Jill have worked closely with Chaumette Winery to design a luxurious executive retreat villa, outfitted with all the amenities and technology needed to conduct a productive and collaborative meeting.  The award-winning winery can accommodate meetings up to 18 guests gathering around a cherry-wood table and plush, executive rolling chairs. Read more about Chaumette […]

Show Me St. Louis Kitchenette Studio Set

Kitchenette Redesign You may recognize this space.  It is the studio set for Show Me St. Louis.  Back in March Wendy Erickson, host of  Today in St. Louis, contacted Ellen Kurtz Interiors to redesign their KSDK kitchenette. Jill headed down to Channel 5, and not only toured the set but sat in the control room […]

Commercial Interior Design

General Motors Assembly Plant in Wentzville GM has had its ups and downs the past couple of years and updating the assembly plant was on the bottom of the to-do list. Greg Prestemon, president and CEO of the Economic Development Center of St. Charles County, said the fact that the General Motors plant has recalled […]

Interior and Exterior Remodeling Concept Drawings

Architectural Drawings | Interior Space Plans | Exterior Space Plans It can be challenging to transform an exterior or interior space but with assistance from our designers, you will find exactly what you want. Here at Ellen Kurtz Interiors we offer concept drawings for remodeling or new construction projects. We are here to spark ideas […]

5 Ways to Use Sculpture in Your Home

Sculpture Placement in Design Sculptures are best displayed when placed where it can be viewed from multiple locations. Decor Display Tip 1: Cocktail Tables Cocktail tables are a fantastic place to display 3-dimensional artwork. It allowing viewers several viewing position and is a fabulous conversation starter. Decor Display Tip 2: Dining Tables A dining table […]

Lower Level Family-Man Cave

Rustic Western Interior Design Ellen was recently married and wanted to create a fabulous space for her new husband and family.  She decided that the lower level would be the perfect location for entertaining five children and three grand kids who happen to all be under the age of five. Her husband Ty is a […]

Houston Interior Design Finishing Touches

Design Projects Designs on the Houston Project are moving along as scheduled.  The lighting is installed.  The finishing touches on the stairwell are added and the exterior stone and doors are complete.  Check back next month to see more of the Houston project.

Woodcrest Interior Remodel

Woodcrest Remodel The final days of the interior remodel are under way.  Check back in the next few weeks to see the Woodcrest home completely remodeled from front to back. Project Update Floors: Installation completed Kitchen: Back splash custom tile work installed Lighting: Installation in process Furniture & Accessories: Ordered and will arrive at the […]

The Private Residences at the Chase Park Plaza

St. Louis Interior Design Team Transforms Condo Ellen Kurtz Interiors along with the Private Residences at the Chase Park Plaza reveals design solutions for corner unit 1403. “The Chase Park Plaza has the most wonderful combination of warm friendly staff, along with captivating energy. The elegant historical setting would make your friends and family envious. […]

Woodcrest Interior Design

The Woodcrest remodeling project started back in January.   In order to make the best recommendations, Ellen Kurtz Interiors thoroughly evaluated the structure of the entire home as well as listened to the clients needs.  While Ellen and Jill found reworking the floor plans to fit the clients needs to be a challenge, they determined a […]

Chaumette Winery Cottage Design

If you have not been to Chaumette Vineyard & Winery in Ste. Genevieve you are missing out on a great location nestled in the hills of southern Missouri wine country.  For three years now, Ellen Kurtz Interiors has worked with the winery owners and assisting their clients who have purchased cottages at Chaumette. When the […]

Chase Park Plaza

The Chase Park Plaza has a rich history within the St. Louis community as does Ellen Kurtz Interiors. The two are teaming up and creating perfection. The Private Residence at the Chase Park Plaza offers its home owners more than just a home. Ellen and Jill are designing a look that enhances the Chase living […]

St Louis Rustic Loft Interior Design

St Louis Rustic Loft Interior Design The Rustic Loft is complete and the owner can’t wait to show the space off to friends and family. The owner of this loft also owns a family ranch in Texas so she is accustomed to the look and feel of Texas decor.  She likes to keep her Texas […]

St Louis Interior Design Champions

Devonworth Wins by a Landslide This project was definitely down to the wire. The Saturday before Super Bowl Ellen and Jill hauled accessories and a 7′ tall palm tree through the snow to add finishing touches to this beautiful home. Painters were still painting and the cleaners were trying to get the last of the […]

Rustic Loft Interior Design

This spectacular space anticipates final touches this month. The beautiful reclaimed pine wood floors are laid and the faux finishers have finished the adobe style fireplace. The beams are installed on the ceiling and the bar cabinets are set. The stairs are almost complete with railing installed as we speak. The project is unfolding before […]

Devonworth Interior Decorating

Lower Level Interior Design The Super Bowl is more than a game, it is more than a party, and this year for one family it is a remodel. The biggest remodel of the year in the Devonworth subdivision.  The project is moving along and expects to rap up prior to the big game. Today we […]

How to Hire a Contractor

Remodeling Trend Today’s interior design trends are moving towards remodeling. Interest rates and home values are forcing people to reside in homes longer. People are remodeling kitchens, baths and fixing up their lower levels to accommodate growing families, lifestyle or taste changes. Choosing a Contractor Choosing a contractor can be a tough job. Clients need […]

Caddyshack Lane

Nontraditional Interior Designing Currently, this home lacks an important design element, furniture. The owner of this beautiful home is working with Ellen to rectify that problem. The furniture is scheduled to arrive any day now. In the mean time, this loving home needed something for the holidays to make it feel like home. That is […]

Wind Castle Subdivision Decor

Home Décor for the Holidays This spacious 13 room home is nestled in the beautiful Wind Castle subdivision in St. Charles. Ellen Kurtz Interiors designed this clients entire house 11 years ago, and after 11 years of the same holiday decorations, our clients beautiful custom build needed sprucing up for the holiday. Hearth Room The […]

Girls Bedroom Design

This client has used Ellen Kurtz Interiors design services for for more than 10 years.  Ellen offered creative and technical expertise with their entire house during its building process.  She also designed two rooms perfect for the two little girls, McKenzie and Taylor. McKenzie’s Purple and Silver Room Bedroom Design Ten years later that little […]

Beachfront Condo Interior Design

Magnificent Singer Island Interior Decor Designed with you in mind. Ellen and Jill recently finalized the interior design of a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath oceanfront condo in Southern Florida. Designs by Ellen Kurtz Interiors View additional photos of this lavish vacation retreat located in a new five star resort on South Florida’s renowned Singer […]

Home Decor and Furniture

Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Modern, Exotic or Shabby Chic Furniture is a very important element when designing a space. Most of the time when we work with a client they have particular pieces that they love and want to be used in the final design scheme.  They are often key pieces when we start a project.  […]

Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Ellen Kurtz Interiors is taking part in the first-ever Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour in Ladue and Frontenac. All proceeds from the Nov. 18 event benefit the St. Louis chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour The tour features kitchens staged by Ellen Kurtz Interiors.  […]

Rustic Loft Home Design

The rustic loft renovation at Litzinger Lane is moving along fairly quickly. With the Holidays soon approaching we anticipate this space will be ready for the new year. Last week we met with the Melodie Shocklee, faux painter, to discuss the fireplace design and technique. The homeowner wanted an adobe look and feel to the […]

Devonworth Basement Renovation

Are you ready for some football? Kick-off After tweaking our floor plans and elevations, the homeowners at the Devonworth project were ready to get this project underway.   The workers at John Dickens Remodeling started gutting the Lower Level to make way for the new walls to be framed in. Half-time Another big change was removing […]

Houston Renovation and Remodeling Project

Everything is bigger in Texas, and this home renovation and remodeling is no exception. Take one step into this beautiful home, and you will see progress all around.   Custom cabinets were delivered and set.  The limestone staircase is going up step by step, and molding details are showing through. The next step for Ellen […]

Contemporary Effingham Design & Build

Architectural Style Ellen is spending a lot of time in Effingham, Ill., on a great project that includes the design and build of a contemporary home.  The style of this home makes it one of a kind. What a view!  This home features a glass tower with a 360 degree view.  The metal loft space […]

St Louis Interior Design

Top Interior Design News Ellen Kurtz Interiors has the latest updates on interior design in St Louis.  As a boutique firm, we always offer our clients personalized interior design services including interior and exterior planning, architectural drawings, remodeling, furniture acquisition, flooring and window treatments and home accessories. Keep up on design trends by: Becoming a […]

Devonworth Lower Level

Remodel: House a Home Finding a home you love is hard but making a home reflect your style is easy. Recently moving into a home, our client wanted a lower level reflecting their lifestyle. This project will not only transform the look of the room but will also rearrange the living space to fit the […]

Rustic Loft Renovation

Remodeling with a Rustic Feel Ellen Kurtz Interiors designed several remodeling projects with this client throughout the years. After an initial consultation with the client to talk about design needs/concepts, Ellen and Jill found she wanted the loft to be used as an entertaining space. This projects scope included a bar, fireplace, bathroom and seating […]