Using Art To Amplify Your Home Design

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ve probably noticed something about my design tastes. That is, I’m a HUGE proponent of incorporating great art into a remodel or staging project. In fact, I may be a little obsessed with this design trick, which I personally feel is not used nearly often enough. Because…
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Finding That ‘Wow Factor’ In Your Home Design

A great home design always possesses a certain ‘wow factor’. It may be subtle, or it may scream WOW the second you walk in the door. The key is making sure the other design elements are in harmony with what you’ve picked for that extra oomph. A perfect illustration of this concept is the design…
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Staging A Country Lakes Home Elevates Home Sellers’ Furnishings

In today's real estate market, few buyers are looking for a property that looks old, dingy or crammed with outdated furniture. Instead, buyers are snapping up homes that immediately catch their eye - homes that are staged to look bigger, brighter and newer. In fact, homes that are staged before going on the market sell…
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Design Trends Change But Hardwood Stands the Test of Time

In my last blog post I discussed color trends for 2019. Earth tones are definitely making a comeback this year with tones like the Pantone color of the year - the rusty Cavern Clay. With paint colors seeming to shift back and forth constantly from warm earth tones to cool grays, I'm hearing some of…
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