Hardwood floors are long lasting

Design Trends Change But Hardwood Stands the Test of Time

In my last blog post I discussed color trends for 2019. Earth tones are definitely making a comeback this year with tones like the Pantone color of the year – the rusty Cavern Clay.

With paint colors seeming to shift back and forth constantly from warm earth tones to cool grays, I’m hearing some of my clients fret over how their hardwood flooring choices will stand the test of time.

Hardwood floors stand the test of timeHardwood is, and will always be, a classic choice for flooring. Compared to carpet, linoleum and other flooring types, hardwood floors add to the resale value of a home and also last much longer. So while the upfront cost might be more, they’re worth it in the long run.

Besides, from a design perspective, every size, color and style of hardwood is beautiful. While some woods and stains obviously go in and out of style – orange-toned oak cabinets come immediately to mind – most hardwood flooring and features can be adapted to suit the ever-changing trends of interior design.

With that said, let’s look at what are shaking out to be the most popular choices this year.

Most Popular Hardwood Styles

Wide planks of 4”-7” continue to be the most sought after. The shift away from skinny planks appears to be holding strong.

Matte finishes on hardwood are still a customer favorite. Highly-polished, shiny wood floors have made way for flatter finishes that tend to hide dirt and dust better and therefore, look cleaner longer. This is especially appealing to homeowners with pets and small children.

Dark wood flooring has had it’s time in the spotlight and while it remains popular, a variety of stain colors are emerging onto the scene as well. Dark brown, espresso-colored floors are making room for grays, blondes and whitewashes.

Hardwood floors stand the test of time

Like matte finishes, these lighter colors are lower maintenance, which is only part of their charm. Dark flooring can make a room feel smaller while lighter coloring flooring can really open a room and make it feel bigger and more airy.

Light colored floors are very adaptable and go flawlessly with any design style. From farmhouse to rustic, modern and industrial…..all can be made even more beautiful with light floors. Read more about light finishes from

Light, natural flooring can be made of a variety of wood. Most are oak, walnut or ash but there are some contemporary and more environmentally friendly choices like bamboo available.

I’m really loving the combination of light colored hardwood with the earth tones. This design style looks very fresh and clean. The light floor provides the perfect contrast with warmer colors on the walls and in decor.

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