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Bringing Earth Tones Back (Again) with Cavern Clay

A new year means new design trends and for 2019, that means color is IN! The stark white and gray look of the past few years is making way for rich, vibrant colors to take center stage.


This year, earth tones are the new gray. (I know what you’re thinking – didn’t we just ditch all the browns in favor of the grays? But keep reading. . .)


We will see a lot of terracotta and rust colors including Sherwin Williams color of the year, Cavern Clay. These colors are warm and inviting creating a cozy home environment. Best of all, they integrate well with other design choices such as woodgrains, tiles and metals. This will make it easier to stay up to date with trends without having to do major remodeling or replace all your current decor.


Along with earth tones, we will see other colors tied to nature becoming increasingly popular. Look for deep greens, calming blues and invigorating citrus colors to enter the scene. Bringing the outdoors in provides a serene relaxing quality. These colors embody life and living things and keep us feeling connected to the natural world.


I know what you’re thinking, you just finally got your walls converted from beige to gray and I’m telling you your warm colors are back.  The great news about these new color trends is that they work well with neutral colors such as grays and whites – the colors I’ve been incorporating into so many clients’ homes in the last several years.


It will be easy to update and add a pop of color without undertaking a major redo. These colors will easily integrate with the aspects of your interior that you want to leave as is while providing a fresh and homey feel.


If you’re tired of the bland color palette that has been popular recently, these earthy colors will be a welcome change. They work so beautifully together! Try Cavern Clay paired with a deep hunter green or a rich blue. These combos will give your home a comfortable yet sophisticated feel.


I’m ready to begin designing with the gorgeous colors of 2019. I believe this year is going to bring some lovely design choices. To see a list of other design trends predicted for 2019, check out