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A Softer, Feminine Industrial Design Style

When you think of the industrial design style, what comes to mind?

Many people associate it with heavier furnishings, darker colors, exposed brick and steel pipe fittings — all things that contribute to a more masculine feel. In fact, that’s largely how we defined it in the style guide that we posted earlier this year.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Remember, interior design is all about creativity and flexibility!

Design styles are simply frameworks for shaping ideas. And one project I recently worked on is the perfect illustration of this concept.

The Villas at Chaumette

As you may recall, I’ve been working with Chaumette Vineyards & Winery since they started offering lodging options back in 2007. You can read more about my interior design jobs with them here.

In short, people are able to buy villas through the property management company there. Then I work with the new owners to shape the space, which they can use themselves or rent out to guests of the winery.

Everything is tailored to the individual client. They communicate their wishes in terms of layout, design style, furniture and more. Then I make it happen.

It’s a really great partnership, and a win-win for everyone involved.

Which brings me to one guest house project in particular that I worked on at Chaumette.

The clients were looking for an industrial feel, but with a softer, more feminine air.

Yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron.

But remember what I mentioned earlier — creativity and flexibility are the keys to making any design style sing!

I had a pretty good feeling that I could give the clients EXACTLY what they were seeking. It would just be a matter of listening closely to their wishes and then following my design instincts.

Industrial Shabby Chic

In this case, the clients were younger and seeking a more contemporary industrial look. Let’s call it industrial shabby chic.

Picture a bit of Restoration Hardware, mixed with french country influence, and a dab of pottery barn or modern farmhouse feel. See where I’m going with this?

The clients were also interested in keeping a really soft, muted palette. I agreed, thinking it would work well with the overall design style they were pursuing.

I kept these tastes in mind as I selected all new furniture, draperies and accessories for the space.

So let’s talk about how it all came together.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this villa is the floors. A faux wood tile lends a beautiful, rustic charm to the space, laying the groundwork for all of the design work to follow.

The dining area flows from an open space kitchen and living room area. Here, I chose a table and chair set from Hooker Furniture that has a weathered finish and french country feel. The centerpiece and wall art add just enough industrial flavor to the space, without going overboard.

From there, the eye travels to the kitchen, where a classic cabinet design gets a boost from some nailhead trimmed countertop stools. Here again, we are using small touches to obtain our industrial feel. The stools are enough to accomplish that.

The living room space is comfortable and inviting. My favorite piece here is the console table, with its unique rope detailing on the sides. The lamp is also one of those standout features that adds character to the room.

Ticking stripe armchairs draw in the french country influence. And the coffee table pulls the various design elements together and also grounds the space.

Most of the upholstery here and elsewhere in the villa is from CR Laine. The furniture is from New Classic Homes and Hooker, where I found the dining area set. The rug, which ties in nicely with the stone fireplace, is from Jaunty. The accessories are from a variety of places.

Soothing and Simple

Upstairs, I worked with the existing carpeting and wall colors. This meant incorporating a real soft blue, and pink and taupe accents, in everything from the linens to the lamps and accessories. I tried to keep things simple and elegant, especially in the bathrooms. There, clean lines and neutral colors allow the fixtures and tile work to take center stage. The freestanding bath tub in the one bathroom proves the power of less is more. It is a design element that is stunning in its simplicity.  

All of the bedding is from Eastern Accents. And you’ll notice that each of the bedrooms has access to an outdoor patio and all of the beauty of the Chaumette property. That’s another reason why I wanted to keep the inside of this villa calm and soothing. I’m a firm believer in making an indoor environment feel as natural and beautiful as the outdoor environment that surrounds it.


Thanks as always for reading about my design projects and musings. Remember, I’d love to hear from you if you are considering your own redesign or interior design project! Contact me here.