Designing a Lakeside Retreat at Innsbrook

There’s just something about a lake house…

Maybe it’s the tranquil setting, or the promise of lazy days. All I know is I just love helping clients when it comes to designing the perfect lakeside vacation home.

I recently had the opportunity to work on one of these types of projects in Innsbrook, MO. I wanted to share the end result, because I think it will put you in that same dreamy, getaway state of mind as it did me!

For those unfamiliar, Innsbrook is a small, resort village in Warren County.

A private, gated community called Innsbrook Resort makes up most of this luxury golf and lake destination.

If you have a house here, your summer days can be filled with an array of outdoor activities, from lakeside lounging to community concerts. Winters offer a peaceful, cozy escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?!

Starting From Scratch

My clients, who owned a previous lake house at Innsbrook, were building a new lakeside retreat here from scratch.

They wanted to reuse most of their existing furniture, but called me in to help with all of the design selection and planning.

This meant helping with everything from paint colors to cabinets and flooring, as well as the exterior work.

Whenever I get a chance to be involved in a full-scale project like this, I jump at the opportunity. Here, I was involved from the very beginning. I thus felt like we could guide the project in a way that perfectly met the clients’ tastes and needs.

My clients had done a bit of their own homework, and knew I had worked on a trio of houses in Kiawah Island, S.C. They loved the look of those homes and asked if I could give them something similar.

With that clear of a vision in mind, the rest of the work came along easily!

The lakehouse I designed for them is almost a duplicate of one of the Kiawah homes, right down to the floor plan and shingled exterior.

The trick here was making the space feel personal to them, in a way that worked with their existing furniture.

So let’s go room by room, to give you a better taste of where we ended up.

Lake House Living

From the outside, this home beckons you inside.

With a columned front porch, and even wider back porch with thrilling views of the lake, it would be easy to stay outside and enjoy the scenery. But the Southern Craftsman architecture and design style oozes charm invites visitors in.

Your first step within doesn’t disappoint. The foyer is cozy and warm and offers several options for exploring the rest of the house.

My favorite part of this design is the kitchen/dining area/living room transition. Using an open floor plan, one space flows seamlessly into the next. The eye keeps traveling back, until ultimately it rests on a wood-framed fireplace flanked by built-in bookcases.

Open floor plans can sometimes be a risky proposition. Try to do too much with the interior design work and it may feel disjointed — too little, and it feels bare and austere.

Here, I think we struck the perfect balance. There is just enough harmony between the rooms, but also some unique touches in each, making every space feel distinct.

In the kitchen, you’ll immediately notice the craftsman style island. It has a carve-out on the side for cookbooks and other items, and also space at the end to tuck several counter stools.

I love when a kitchen island can act as a hub for gathering and cooking and entertaining, and I think this style accomplishes that.

We chose a soothing blue color for the island. This allows it to stand out from the surrounding white custom made cabinetry, but without feeling abrupt. The speckled grey and white countertop ties everything together.

The stools add a casual-industrial touch. Leather tops are perfect to perch on after a long day of activities.

The fixtures here and elsewhere in the house are from Metro Lighting of St. Louis.

Red Adds Class and Charm

Moving into the dining area, you’ll notice a formal-looking table and chair set. The clients brought these in from their previous home. An oriental rug anchors the dining set and fits with the traditional style. The rug’s deep, burgundy red is both pleasing and grounding. It also serves as a nice transition into the living area.

In the living room, the red — being our common thread —brings us back to a more contemporary look. Cherry colored throw pillows accentuate the whimsical bright red painting that hangs above the fireplace. This look works for both the winter and summer months, and also offers a slight nod to nature, without getting too outdoorsy.

The furniture placement defines the room, making it a natural gathering space where people would want to settle in after dinner.

Bedrooms by the Lake

You’ll notice a common theme: that’s right, stripes! I chose this as our unifying touch because it is both casual and slightly nautical, without going overboard. Red is again a color of choice, but I also worked a muted green into one of the rooms for variety.

The bathrooms exude classic elegance. Grey and black countertops call to mind the similarly-toned surface area in the kitchen.

Lastly, the game room and sunroom are both casual and simple. No fuss means more fun! Here again, red makes an appearance for uniformity.

Have Your Own Lake House?

Hopefully, that gives you a nice taste of the project. It’s one that I think will speak to a lot of people — especially those pining for their own lakeside retreat!

As I mentioned previously, I love working on vacation homes. So please keep me in mind if you own a lake home and are looking to remodel, or want to build fresh like these clients did. I have a lot of ideas stored up, and most importantly, will work closely with you to find your own unique look.

So call me at your convenience!