Wildwood Bathroom Design Draws Inspiration From Nature

Sometimes inspiration strikes in unusual ways. We have a wily woodchuck to thank for this bathroom remodel in a Wildwood home (wily woodchuck in Wildwood — say that five times fast).

While our client were out of town, a woodchuck somehow found his way into their home. Luckily, their son was home and able to shoo the critter out before he destroyed the entire house!

Still, in his frantic attempt to escape the master bedroom, our woodland friend managed to chew up some window sills and woodwork.

The pressing need to replace the window in question led to the decision to expand the master bathroom by taking roughly 3.5 feet out of the master bedroom.

And since we were already launching into a drywall renovation project, our clients decided to take this as an opportunity to remodel their entire bath!

Wildwood bathroom remodel inspired and motivated by nature. Ellen Kurtz InteriorsThe home is nestled in a wooded area – hence the woodchuck. We used the natural surroundings as our design inspiration.

We wanted a timeless look inspired by nature, but with a modern feel. That may sound like an oxymoron, but I think what we accomplished here is a bathroom that suits the home and its owners’ lifestyle.

By expanding the bathroom we were able to move the shower and enlarge it, and also create a separate toilet room.

The shower now has a window to bring in natural light, a seat and plenty of storage to keep products hidden away. We were also able to add a bigger closet.

To bring our “outdoors-in” look to life, we used knotty alder cabinets. You can see how the cabinetry helps pull out the warmer tones in the slate-looking floor tile (slate can be rather high maintenance so we went with a look-alike here).

For a rustic touch, we included a barn door that pairs well with the cabinets and helps draw the eye across the space.

The wall tile also provides a faux-wood look, but the clean lines keep the look modern.

A Cambria countertop further complements the floor.

Stainless steel sink bowls provide contrast and update the space. We accomplish the same with the minimalist tub and its sleek wall-mount fixtures.

ProSource of St. Louis was the main supplier for this remodel and our lighting is from Murray Feiss.

Thanks to a curious woodchuck, our clients have a gorgeous new space to enjoy!