Industrial Interior Design Adds Value to Lower Level Renovation

Lower level renovations can add value to a home, both in terms of resale and live-in comfort.

If you have ever had an unfinished basement, you know that it is often a musty space left to serve as a catch-all for storage, clutter and messes.

Lower level rooms tend to have some pretty frustrating issues for homeowners – moisture, bugs and even mold.

That’s why a properly-executed lower level renovation like this one are such big assets to any home.

Not only is the client adding more livable square footage to the home, but we’re creating an aesthetically-pleasing space that is also functional.

After downsizing to this home in Warson Woods, my client wanted to address the lower level. The home’s previous moisture issues were now wreaking havoc on my client’s allergies.

We went with an industrial interior design, because the lower level of the home naturally lent itself to the popular style that favors raw, unfinished building materials.

To combat future problems, we chose concrete for the flooring, and hired CustomCrete to do a concrete stain.

We sprayed the exposed ceiling rafters in a charcoal color and added recess lighting and decorative fixtures.

My client loves to entertain, so we added a small kitchenette. We kept the space open so they could accommodate many guests during holiday gatherings.

The finished space has a bedroom, a bath, a work out area and a fireplace to warm the naturally-chilly lower level during the winter months.

The completed renovation is industrial, hip and functional. It holds a great deal of value for the homeowner, and will be a huge selling point one day.

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