Small Groupings Make a Big Impact in Design

family wall display adds special touches to room.It doesn’t always require an entire redesign to make an impact in a space.

Sometimes, a client will ask me to help them design a small section of a room, or layout a grouping around a new piece of furniture.

It’s amazing how just focusing on one small area can make such a significant difference in the entire space!

Last week, I helped a client with her living room. We designed the area with a new sofa, bookcase and area rug.

I created a gallery wall above the sofa with her existing collection of Asian-themed plates, frames and artifacts.

family-wall-display-6Above the television, we designed a collage of framed family photographs.

It was great fun to fill the bookcase with more of her Asian China collection and antique books.

The final design is coordinated to the red and blue theme, and displays her love of both family and Asian history.