Lighting Up the Room with Style

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Lighting isn’t the first element of design most people notice.

In an average home, visitors would likely comment on the art, the flooring and the paint color long before they’d make mention of a sconce or a hanging fixture.

If, however, the room is poorly lit, guests will notice that immediately, though I doubt they’d mention it.

On the other hand, if a designer properly incorporates lighting into the overall design, it might just make an impact so significant that it does get first mention with guests.

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For me, lighting has its own influence on design.

There are some lighting designers, such as my current favorites Crystorama and Corbett, who create such beautiful, dramatic fixtures that they can serve as inspiration pieces for the whole room.

This artistic lighting is being used not just for the practical purpose of illumination, but also to add an element of style to a room.

Adding one of these fixtures  can glam up a traditional dining area or create an industrial look in a classic white kitchen.

You’ll see a lot of orbs in both companies’ designs, and while those aren’t new, they have certainly been elevated.¬† The mix of finishes in the fixtures is exciting as well – from gold and black to crystal and silver.

Lighting can be an art form of its’ own in your space. I’d love to help you choose a piece your guests will want to comment on!