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Closet Dreams Come True

closet shoe shelf
Design by Closet Factory in collaboration with Ellen Kurtz Interiors

Friends, I want to show you what closet dreams are made of.

I know, that’s a bold statement. But ever since I collaborated with Candice Kentch of Closet Factory on this gem of a walk-in closet, I can’t stop daydreaming about it!

This closet was part of a larger refresh and new addition for my clients. It has everything you could want and more. Functionality. Beauty. An aura. In other words, it offers a touch of glamor while still being incredibly practical at every turn.

I want it! I’m sure you will too after this sneak peek.

A Perfect Finish

 closet factory vanity
Design by Closet Factory in collaboration with Ellen Kurtz Interiors

First let’s talk about the finishes. Each selection was incredibly intentional, from the hard linen cabinet fronts (not actual linen, but it sure does look like it!), to the matte gold trim.

The dreamy blue ceiling paint perfectly compliments the adjoining primary bath and primary bedroom, providing for a seamless transition between all three spaces.

When you walk into this closet, you don’t feel like you are walking into a closet at all. It feels like an integral part of a larger master suite.

Glass cabinet fronts add a polished look and also keep things tidy and dust free.

Now, this is where Candice really shows her many talents.

She didn’t just design this closet in a vacuum. She started with a plan, and before that, she started with a detailed conversation with my clients about how they planned to use the space.

Baking the Perfect Closet

Candice says the process is similar to baking. Really! Here’s why.

As Candice explained, when you are baking, you start with a list of ingredients.

In the world of closets, this means finding out exactly what types of clothing, jewelry and accessories would be stored in the space.

Once you have the ingredients (we are talking about baking again), then you follow the instructions. Candice says in her process this means laying out the physical plan for what type of storage is needed and where it will be.

Finally, the icing on the cake! In Candice’s business, this is the hardware, the color choices, the bling.

This type of detailed process – let’s call it investigative closet making! – is why I would absolutely, one hundred percent refer more of my clients to Closet Factory.

Beyond Functional

laundry bins closet factory
Design by Closet Factory in collaboration with Ellen Kurtz Interiors

So now let’s talk about some of the specifics that make this closet fit for a queen and/or king.

First, there are tall, hinged cabinet doors that reveal a three-way mirror on the inside. How great would it be to have that in your primary suite!

Every cabinet and drawer has a soft close feature. If you have soft close on your cabinetry, you already know – once you have it, you can’t live without it! It not only adds to the longevity of the cabinetry but is also so much more pleasant than hearing loud bangs every time you close a cabinet or drawer.

Candice also sprinkled his and hers vignettes throughout the closet. There is a dresser for him and a dresser for her.

The “her” space includes drawers with organizer trays for jewelry, glassed in shelves for displaying and storing purses, some concealed storage for anything she doesn’t want right out there for anyone to see, and even a safe for valuables.

And, oh yes, there’s PLENTY of shelving for shoes!

The “his” space includes an accessory closet with hooks for belts, hoodies and ball caps (This was designed with his specific wish list in mind!). There is also a sliding rack inside another cabinet for ties.

Other Fun Closet Touches

The clients travel a lot, so Candice designed an oversized bench/nook that is deep enough to set a fully opened carry-on suitcase, for packing and unpacking clothes.

She said they also had extensive conversations about the clients’ laundry and dirty clothes habits. Now let me explain, this is the one person with whom you will want to air your dirty laundry!

Candice knew the clients exercise a lot, so she included some open top laundry baskets that keep dirty clothes hidden away but also allow for them to breathe.

The sand-colored baskets easily slide off the racks so that they can be carried to the laundry room without having to transfer everything to a separate laundry bin. How convenient is that!

I told you that you would leave this post wanting to call Closet Factory for your home storage and organizing needs! Better yet, call me and I’ll hook you up with a great designer from Closet Factory while also helping you with your other refresh needs 😉

closet factory jewelry organizer
Design by Closet Factory in collaboration with Ellen Kurtz Interiors