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Design by Ellen Kurtz Interiors

“It couldn’t have turned out any better. It’s been everything we wanted it to be.”

When I heard these words from my client, I was overjoyed. Not only is that exactly why I got into the interior design business – to make people’s dreams for their homes a reality – but here is a client willing to tell the world about his positive experience with my company.

I am so grateful to Rick and his wife for trusting me with their home. And I’m doubly grateful to the ProSource team for featuring the project on another one of their podcasts.

Here’s a little synopsis about the renovation and my partnership with ProSource. Although I’d encourage you to watch the episode (linked below) for the full rundown!


Project Planning with ProSource


When my long-time clients asked me for help with their home renovation, I immediately thought of ProSource and the benefits that our longstanding relationship could bring to the project.

A good home design is, after all, a testament to the teamwork and relationships that a designer has in the industry.

I have been a ProSource member for a good 30 years now, and there’s a reason why I turn to them again and again for my projects.

First and foremost, they are often a one-stop shopping experience for all of a project’s needs. Whether it is a bathroom reno or kitchen overhaul, I know I can walk into ProSource, and – in a single trip – find everything from my countertop material to my tile to my flooring, cabinets and fixtures.

You really can’t beat that type of experience. Not only does it help my design vision gel more quickly, but it is also tremendously efficient

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Design by Ellen Kurtz Interiors

for my clients.

There is no need for multiple trips to different places stretched over weeks or months. No waiting on samples from various suppliers that never seem to arrive when you need them. It is all at Prosource.

And because it is all in one place, my clients can immediately see the direction I am going with a design, and they can voice a yay or nay for some easy course correction if needed. I will often arrive at ProSource ahead of time and will have all of my samples pulled for my clients when they arrive. That way, there is no wasted time and everything is much easier to visualize!

Another reason why I love ProSource: They have a team of in-house bath and design experts who are always willing to lend their expertise to a project. They keep me educated on new products and technical information, and have 3D software that can turn my ideas into a rendering for clients. My clients tell me they LOVE this 3D modeling, because it makes it easier for them to follow along and “see” the end result that I have in mind.

At ProSource, I am still very much in control of the overall vision for a project. But I also have the backing of a team of specialists in each product area, which combines for a magical design experience.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I am at a ProSource showroom almost weekly!

A Good Partnership Makes A Great Project

This kitchen project was part of a larger renovation of the clients’ home, and I’ve shared some of those rooms on this blog space previously.

bar area whitmoor
Design by Ellen Kurtz Interiors

But I’ve been so excited to reveal the kitchen reno. After all, the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home!

I wanted to give a big hat tip to ProSource kitchen and bath designer, Laura Treiber. She helped bring my vision for this space to life and made sure it could be executed properly.

Her use of the 3D software helped tremendously with the layout.

We were able to remove a countertop peninsula and replace it with a gorgeous island. This opened up the space and increased its functionality tenfold – not to mention creating an overall more elevated look!

And by moving some appliances around, we further added to the functionality and created this great focal wall with the range and hexagon tile.

This also allowed for an expanded pass through window to the dining room. I just LOVE how this window creates new opportunities for meal prep and entertaining.

The cabinets, lighting, backsplash and flooring are all from ProSource.

And then off to the side, we were able to create a fun little bar space where there used to be a desk area. This makes the space so much more warm and inviting!

I always encourage people to find ways to treat themselves in their homes. And this doesn’t need to be costly! It’s just finding a design

hex tile whitmoor prosource
Design by Ellen Kurtz Interiors

element like this one that adds some fun and a little something “extra” to your day to day living.

ProSource Account Manager Ed Whittington helped me review all of the project details and pulled together quotes and product information. He knew how important it was to make the renovated areas flow with the original sections of the home. I am so grateful for his insight and instincts in that regard!

In the podcast, you will also hear my client, Rick, talk about the extensive selections that ProSource had to offer. That’s the thing – one-stop shop doesn’t mean limited selections! I am always finding new and unique product options at ProSource. And that’s yet another reason why I find myself constantly going back to them for more.

Thank you, ProSource, for being a wonderful partner through so many projects over the years!