Ellen Master bath(1)

Bathroom Design Solutions Overcome Roadblocks

It’s inevitable to encounter a few roadblocks while developing a design plan, particularly when you’re working on a bathroom.

Some designers are quick to steer around the problem, even if that means sacrificing their client’s vision for the space.

We, on the other hand, enjoy a good challenge and want to tackle it head-on, so we can make sure our clients get exactly what they want. Sometimes that calls for a little creative problem solving.

This high-rise apartment project is a perfect example. Our client wanted a fresh, new look in the master and guest bathrooms.

The client wanted to replace the tired, outdated fixtures and tile in each bathroom with a classic feel that would stand the test of time. She also wanted something low maintenance. The goal was to bring in lighter colors and new tile. The problem? The existing tile was buried in concrete.

Master bathroom tub into shower.

Our solution was to install the new tile atop the old tile. In each bathroom, we chose a porcelain tile from Prosource of St. Louis  that resembles Carrara marble (but is more durable!).

It created a classic look but introduced a new puzzle — we had to figure out how to install mirrors over the sinks despite the narrow ledge that now ran around the rooms where the tile met the wall.

We resolved that issue by using pivot mirrors from Gatco. Problem solved and we were able to keep with that classic, timeless feel.

We added new lighting from Murray Feiss in both bathrooms. A solid white onyx shower pan and countertops kept things sleek and low maintenance. We went with frameless shower doors to further accentuate that open feel. And in the guest bath, we used a pivot door so one can shower or bathe with ease.

Guest bathroom.

We were pleased we were able to troubleshoot this project and deliver on our promise of always putting the client’s vision first.

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