Visual wall of history at Sachs Electric

Designing A Visual Timeline of History

Visual history wall at Sachs ElectricWelcome back to our blog! I’ve been taking a break from blogging while we worked on some pretty amazing projects, but now we’re back at it. You can expect to find new content here every week!

One of those amazing projects I’ve been working on is at the Sachs Electric building in St. Louis.

I had previously designed a conference room for the company, but this recent project was a little different.

The leadership at Sachs Electric wanted me to design a “history wall” of photos in their lobby. They wanted an interesting, and yet sophisticated, way to display all the great photos they’ve captured in the company’s 90-year history.

Over the course of eight months, I met with various company executives and gathered photographs that visually captured the history of the company from its’ founding in 1925 to the present.

Photo history wall at Sachs ElectricOne of the main concerns for this client was that the new display be blended with the style of other areas of the building. We wanted to make sure the photo display wall was a visually provocative and informative timeline.

I worked on various drawings and layouts until I came up with one that gave the client all they were hoping for. To display a majority of the photos, I placed them in overlapping black and silver frames, using plexiglass panels and stainless stays.

The most significant moments in the company’s history were memorialized with color photos printed on canvas. These large canvases anchored the timeline.

I used stainless steel numbers to denote the progression of years, and a wood panel was mounted behind the display to blend the wall with the surrounding wood trim. The entire project was installed in four days.

As you can see from the pictures, the project turned out wonderfully!