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Window Into Your Soul: Are Black Windows Right For You?

If you are like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of hours lately staring wistfully out your windows. When all else fails, daydream of better times, right? It certainly helps me get through these tumultuous days.

Well, all of that gazing out the window got me thinking about a recent design trend that I thought could be a good topic for this blog. I’m talking about black windows (apropos, right?).

This trend started creeping up in home designs a few years ago. And even though it is a complete 180° from white windows, which are more common, this style doesn’t feel as abrupt as “fads” usually do. 

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I think that’s because black windows actually have a long history in architecture. They are reminiscent of industrial and gothic styles — seen in warehouses, greenhouses and the like.

So even though they are relatively new on the residential design scene, they are not at all new to us as a general concept. 

And black windows don’t have to translate to a heavy or dour look, which may surprise some of you. In fact, when used correctly, they can provide a pop of contrast and liven up both the interior and exterior of your home. The result is a crisp and clean aura.

Now, there are also people who worry black windows are part of a trend that will quickly fade. For some of the most common factors sighted by detractors, give this blog post a read.

Trust me — I understand not wanting to spend a lot of money on windows if you are only going to be replacing them in five or 10 years. Especially when steel-frame black windows can be on the pricey side (although there are cheaper options, which I will talk about later in this blog).

BUT, my hunch is this trend has staying power. I explain why in a little more detail below. And I also share some tips on when and how you might incorporate black windows into your home design.

Black windows are more versatile than they sound

Black windows can act as a facelift to an otherwise boring or dated exterior. They can also add a modern touch to a more traditional farmhouse design (modern farmhouse is still, after all, a much sought after look). Or, they can heap an extra dose of charm onto a french country or cottage-style home. The possibilities really are endless. 

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Black windows help highlight the outdoors

Black windows are the perfect choice if you are looking to create harmony between your indoor and outdoor spaces. The frames tend to capture and highlight your views in the same way that a picture frame would. They tend to focus the eye on whatever visual is in the center of the frame, while the border itself fades away. And they let a ton of natural light through. So if you live in a place with a beautiful view of a lake or mountainside, this may be the window for you.

Your interior color possibilities are endless

Black doesn’t clash with anything. If you have black windows, you can go with bold interior colors and be fine, or you can keep things neutral and allow your window frames to act as a contrast point. Either way, you will find your black windows act as accents to your home and add depth. With white, on the other hand, you have to think about which shade of paint you are using and how it will look with any other white elements in your house. 

Black doesn’t have to mean pricey

Yes, if you are going with the more durable and high-quality  steel-frame black windows you will definitely pay for the look. They cost considerably more than a traditional white, wood framed window. That said, as this design trend grows in popularity, there are more cost-efficient options out there. Vinyl, aluminum clad, or painted wood are all options that will achieve the same look for less. For instance, both Andersen and Pella carry different lines of black windows at varying price points. So there is something out there for everyone.

Black and white is an option

Now, this is more of a design leap. But when artfully arranged, a home that mixes black and white windows can be really on point. You might want to consider this if there are certain areas or levels of your home that you want to emphasize over others. For example, using black windows on the first floor but white windows on the second floor might help ground the home. In this scenario, black windows can also be used to emphasize certain access points.

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In Conclusion

So there we have five points to consider when deciding whether black windows are right for you. I want to quickly add, however, that there are specific situations where I would definitely stick to white windows. One such scenario is you have a lot going on with the exterior of your home. In that case, you may want to stick with white windows because they will be more subtle and allow your other architectural details to shine. But remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a stunning home design. With the right vision, and help from a seasoned design professional, you can make just about any look shine!

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog, especially during these difficult times. Remember that I am only a phone call or email away if you have any questions about your interior design. Let’s make the most of this time when we’re stuck at home!