Six Tips to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life

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Summer is in full swing and if you’ve been barbecuing, entertaining friends or just taking some downtime with your family, you might be feeling the need to spruce up your deck or patio. Here’s a few tips to help you create an outdoor living space that is trendy, comfortable and will last you well into the fall months.


Typically, people spend the most time on their patios during the evening hours so lighting is key. Stringing outdoor lights across the top of your patio or around the railings has been gaining popularity in recent years. The trend seems to be here to stay as string lights are becoming readily available in an array of shapes and colors. Many of these are available as LED lights featuring remote controls or smart phone connectivity making them even more convenient and economical. Look for umbrellas with built in LED lights as well.


Design by Luke White.


Don’t shy away from bold colors and patterns when decorating your patio. Big, bright floral prints are everywhere this season and botanical prints are emerging to the scene. An outdoor living space is the perfect area of your home to show off these trends! Various shades of green and blue are mainstays for outdoor color schemes but adding an unexpected pop of color adds pizzazz and can reflect your personal style. So don’t be afraid to bring your favorite bold color outside such as orange, hot pink, or teal. Another idea, pair your favorite bright color with a more muted pastel. Such as lime green with pale yellow or pink. Have fun with your color choices!



A fire pit adds warmth and coziness to your outdoor living space. Creating a place to gather around the fire can keep this space functional for additional months in the year. Arranging furniture around a fire pit creates a gathering place for your friends and family. Fire pits come in an array of sizes and styles. Choosing a fire pit will depend on the space available and the look and feel of your patio. Check out the ultimate fire pit buying guide from for great options.


Design by Trevor Tondro

Edible gardens.

For the past few seasons, succulents have been all the rage but these tiny plants are making way for practicality. Container gardens filled with such things as edible herbs, living lettuce boxes and even fruits and veggies are a beautiful way to create a functioning garden. Your decor becomes your dinner as you grab some fresh produce from the deck. Imagine inviting guests over and making cocktails garnished with the plants growing on your patio. This trend provides you with pretty plants to adorn your patio and fresh produce for your family. Not sure where to start? provides some helpful tips on getting started with an herb garden.


Mix it up.

Trying to decide between wicker or metal patio furniture? Bamboo or wrought iron? Stress no more–combining wood furniture and metal is a great way to create an eye catching patio! A wood based furniture set can be paired with metal side tables in a fun color. Perhaps you have a metal outdoor dining set and are looking to add an acacia lounger. Go for it! Mixing pieces is visually appealing and a great way to add variety. This is also a great way to spruce up existing pieces for a fresh look. For more inspiration, has showcased some beautiful patio furniture.


Design by Ellen Kurtz Interiors.

Create an oasis.

Let your personality shine! If your favorite place is relaxing on a tropical beach, incorporate beach themes into your patio decor. Love the mountains? Go for a rustic look. If you’re a boater, nautical decor is a classic look. Whatever makes you happy can be showcased in your outdoor living space. This is the perfect opportunity to create a mini oasis in your own home.


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