Finding That ‘Wow Factor’ In Your Home Design

A great home design always possesses a certain ‘wow factor’. It may be subtle, or it may scream WOW the second you walk in the door.

The key is making sure the other design elements are in harmony with what you’ve picked for that extra oomph.

A perfect illustration of this concept is the design work I recently completed for a couple living in Chesterfield. They were looking for an artsy and modern feel in their new villa, which would be filled with some of the glasswork the wife had created herself. 

Let’s check it out.

Floor Plan Helps Bring The Wow Factor

Gerry and Chuck hired me to help them rebuild from scratch, which involved changing the floor plan to better meet their preferred style.

A new, open floor plan lent a contemporary flair to the space and also gave them ample room to display their various art pieces — the undeniable ‘wow factor’ that I’d be designing around.

Most importantly, it gave us space to create that wow: with a big and bold canvas for art, right above the stairwell.

To obtain this, I shifted the laundry room, allowing the staircase to open to the great room. This not only opened the house up but provided a huge wall for art work.

As a result, the couple was able to commission a large piece by an artist named Sharon Aach. It is loud and bright and full of movement — setting the tone for the rest of the living space.

The couple also decided to scrap all of their furniture from previous homes and start fresh with all new furnishings.

Consequently, I had a lot of room to have fun with meeting their tastes.

I worked with both of them on every selection in the home — cabinets, flooring, plumbing, lighting, hardware, paint, furniture, the works!

This was an eight-month process. But I think you’ll agree, it was entirely worth the effort.

Art Centered Design

Throughout the home, I kept the base color a mix of neutral grays and creams, so that we could keep the focus on the artwork and avoid overwhelming the space.

Notice how this makes each individual piece pop — especially that stunner above the staircase.

The throw pillows in the living room reflect the colors in the paintings, providing continuity. Similarly, you’ll see that repetition in Gerry’s glasswork that is scattered throughout the home. And ditto on the accessories we chose for the living room bookcase.

A close look reveals that everything, in fact, was designed with the artwork in mind.

In the kitchen, for instance, glass cabinets top the traditional storage cabinets, providing a display space for bright colored glass works.

In the great room, subtle movement and organic texture is found in the rug and armchair, as well as the wave-like tile that climbs the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling.

However, the master bath and dining room lean more neutral, with soothing blues allowing the clean lines of the design to shine through. Notice how your eye gravitates toward the geometric flair of the dining room chairs, as well as the artwork that hangs behind them.

The stain glass window above the bathtub is a piece of art all on its own — I just can’t stop looking at it! 

Finally, furniture also becomes art in the lower level entertainment space. See what I mean about art-inspired design?

The couple loves their new home and its own, unique wow factor. They continue looking for additional art pieces and I can’t wait to see where they take it! But, of course, I made sure they know —  I am only a phone call or email away as they continue to explore their tastes!

If you need help adding that certain wow factor to your home, contact me today!







Cabinets: Diamond

Counters: Granite

Backsplash: Daltile

Lighting: Elk

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey SW7016


Great Room

Area Rug: Kane Carpet, Style: Zenith/Anthracite

Fireplace Tile: Chelsea Sublime Gris 12 x 36

Sectional: Natuzzi

Cocktail Table: Johnston Casuals, Posh Tables

Cabinetry: Diamond, Black


Master Bath

Cabinetry: Diamond

Counters: Granite/Nero

Tub Deck: Quartz, Caesarstone

Lighting: Elk

Tile Floor: Daltile, Linden Point

Stained Glass Window: SGO Designer Glass



2 Door Console/Global Views


Dining Room

Dining Table and Chairs: Decor Interiors

Lighting: Kichler


Lower Level

Cabinetry: Diamond Vibe

Counters: Granite

Backsplash: CEGI, Enchanting Impressions

Flooring: Tile- Daltile, Ambassador

Carpet- Dixie, Kamen

Table and Chairs: Johnston Casuals

Sofas: Natuzzi

Cocktail Table: Custom Design by Sharon Aach

Centerpiece Bowl: Gerry Auger