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Elevate Your Design by Working with the Finest Furniture and Upholstery Lines

Part of the CR Laine collection. Photo via CR Laine.
Part of the CR Laine collection. Photo via CR Laine.

Furniture, rugs and accessories are not part of a design, they are the design.

That’s why as a designer, I seek out the very best furniture, upholstery and accessory lines on the market. There are countless lines available across the globe, and each carries a number of designers and artists who create furniture, fabric, rugs and accessories.

Taylor King

The internet has made it incredibly easy to access the work of talented creators from all parts of the world, and opened up the possibilities of design in a whole new way.

While the choices are many, I choose the lines I work with based on quality, variety of style choices and reliability of delivery and execution. I want my design clients to have the highest quality furniture, rugs and accessories that perfectly meet their expectations and elevate my design of the space.

These are a few of the lines I love and work with frequently.

CR Laine is a family-owned and operated North Carolina company founded in 1958. They create inspiring upholstered furniture with innovative style. I like that they also focus on comfort in their pieces.

Taylor King, is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of American-made upholstered furniture. They have a rigorous selection process that results in some of the most stylish textiles in the market.

Bernhardt Furniture
Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt Furniture Company, established in 1889, in Lenoir N.C., is among the country’s largest family-owned furniture companies. They also have an international division that offers a diverse product line, providing a wide range of both traditional and contemporary styles.

Caracole creates high-style furniture, filled with personality, and at an exceptional value. They use unique materials and create individual pieces instead of entire collections. I like that their pieces are distinctive, and often multi-functional, such as hidden charging stations or disguised storage.

Global Views‘ collections blends various styles to offer pieces that are elegant, exotic and refined. I can find the right piece for every design in this line.

Ambella Home Collection

Ambella Home Collection pieces are uniquely designed for the line and then manufactured overseas. They manage the production carefully so the customer gets a beautiful piece every single time. I like that they carefully select only the best raw materials, and use skilled carvers and craftsmen and artistic finishers to make sure their pieces stand the test of time.