A garage you'll want to live in!

Designing A Garage You’ll Want to Live In

Can you believe this is a garage?

Our client hired us to make their three-car garage flow as an integral part of their St. Charles home. They wanted to feel as though they were entering their living space from the moment they drove in.

When we started, the garage looked like. . .well, a garage. It had basic drywall walls, unfinished concrete floors and the typical garage accoutrements.

Take a look at the space now! We’ve included a numbered chart so you can see how we did it!

A garage you'll want to live in!

1. We purchased a screen door at an antique shop on Cherokee Street in St. Louis. It had once adorned a Victorian home in an old St. Louis neighborhood. Now, the screen door hides the vacuum.

2. Another antique shop find was the decorative spindles from another home’s porch. We used these charming details to create an entrance to the home space from the garage.

3. We added bookcases on either side of the entry for display and functional storage. The steps in the entryway were finished with red brick.

4. We added wainscoting in brick on the two side walls.

5. The barn red distressed cabinetry and wood counter top creates the feel of farmhouse charm in the space.

6. We created drapery treatments out of antique fabric. On the right side, the draperies along the cabinets are functional – hiding the recycling.

7. On the left, a farmhouse sink and granite counter top create the perfect space for potting plants and prepping for the garden.

8. The homeowner displays her plants on this antique ladder.

9. The farmhouse table makes functional use of the space between the cars – yes they actually park their cars in this space! The table is the “landing zone” for loading and unloading.

10. The previously unfinished concrete floor is now sealed for easy cleaning.