Staging Elevates Clayton Home into Real Estate Jewel

When the realtor approached us about staging this home, we were excited to show how our design expertise could elevate the property in the eyes of potential buyers.

While this three-bedroom, four-bath brick home in Clayton has many stunning features, sometimes a little polish can make even the most beautiful jewel shine even brighter.

The homeowners, two busy doctors, didn’t have a lot of furniture or décor of their own. That’s one of the reasons the realtor hoped Ellen Kurtz Interiors could bring a sophisticated designer’s touch to the space.

Seasoned luxury realtors understand that buyers have a difficult time envisioning themselves living in a space if it is not furnished and decorated to its’ full potential.

That’s why realtors hire Ellen Kurtz Interiors. We transform luxury real estate properties into magazine-worthy homes buyers can’t wait to live in.

At 7714 Walinca Terrace, we brought in high-end furniture, artwork and accessories to elevate the home’s existing style and design. We also incorporated and rearranged some of the homeowners’ existing pieces.

We chose neutral pieces that complemented the open floor plans and took advantage of the over-sized great room, spacious master suite and 10-foot ceilings.

The home is located on Wydown Boulevard, heralded at one of the 10 most beautiful streets in the country. A property on this street should be – and now is – gorgeous and sophisticated down to  every detail.

Learn more about the property here.