Updated Fireplace Makes Wow Statement In Room Design

Before remodel of the fireplace.

Sometimes, all it takes is one element to truly elevate a design. Likewise, one outdated or unsightly piece can quickly muddy an otherwise spectacular room.

Here’s a perfect example.

While this fireplace was once an eye-catching element in this room, the green marble had long since become outdated. As we began our remodel, it became more and more obvious that this feature was just not going to work with our vision for the space.

It just didn’t speak to today’s style.

We knew we could achieve a completely new, contemporary look for the room just by updating the fireplace alone.

It would be no small task — we’d have to remove all of that green marble. But we were confident that it would be worth the effort.

The contractor we were working with chose to go over the top with Durock and tile. It was a great choice — the results are stunning. The fireplace is roughly 7 feet wide and 16 feet tall. It doesn’t crowd the room, but in fact, makes the space feel bigger.

After remodel of the fireplace.

With no mantle for display items, the fireplace itself is the focal point  — and now that it suits the remodeled space, that’s a very good thing.

We added the contemporary sculptures for just a touch of visual interest. The niche to the left of the fireplace also offers opportunities to display artwork.

The redesign of the fireplace perfectly compliments the maple floors and stainless steel accents. The completed look is so fresh and contemporary, no visitor would ever guess it was once outdated.

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