5 Ways to Use Sculpture in Your Home

Sculpture Placement in Design

Sculptures are best displayed when placed where it can be viewed from multiple locations.

Decor Display Tip 1: Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are a fantastic place to display 3-dimensional artwork. It allowing viewers several viewing position and is a fabulous conversation starter.

Decor Display Tip 2: Dining Tables

A dining table can be an excellent place for sculpture. Since many dining areas are not used often this can be a great display area.

Decor Display Tip 3: Niche

A special niche in a hallway or great room will provide spectacular space for a sculpture. Mirroring the back, allows viewers to see all sides.

Decor Display Tip 4: Pedestal

A pedestal in a corner of any room can feature that special sculpture. The pedestal fills the void of the corner and provides a prominent spot by elevating the sculpture.

Decor Display Tip 5: Outdoors

Outdoor sculptures in gardens can provide an excellent view from indoors and out. It can be quite impressive if used in the front of a home.

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