Caddyshack Lane

Nontraditional Interior Designing

Currently, this home lacks an important design element, furniture. The owner of this beautiful home is working with Ellen to rectify that problem. The furniture is scheduled to arrive any day now.

In the mean time, this loving home needed something for the holidays to make it feel like home. That is just what we did. For Christmas the great room features a 12 foot tree. The mantle and railings were decorated with lavish garland and lights. We also displayed a tree in the hearth room and a wreath on the door. Also, take a good look at the picture of the sled. The decorated sled was the owners when he was younger. Fast forwarding years later the owner was at an auction and this very sleigh was up for auction. It caught his eye because it reminded him of his when he was younger. As he stood by the sleigh reminiscing, his mother approached him and told him that it was his sleigh. She found it in the basement and decided to donate it! The rest is history and it is showcased in the foyer of his new home.

Check back to find out how we transformed this holiday design to an everyday living masterpiece.