Finding A Unique Solution for Outdated Trends

img_9695Most designers have a love/hate relationship with trends.

It can be fun to get swept up using elements of the hot trend du jour, whether it’s a chevron pattern or wall-to-wall gray.

After all, one of the key elements of our job is to design a space that appeals to our client. That means not only being keenly aware of trends, but anticipating them and incorporating the best versions of them into our designs.

The trouble is, every trend – even the ones that are truly aesthetically-pleasing – has an expiration date.  If a concept or style is popular enough that everyone is doing it, it becomes a part of popular culture. At that point, you may as well put a time stamp on it.

For example, if you walk into a room and see pine furniture or damask wallpaper, you’ll know the room was likely designed in the 1990s. Just like a bathroom with a pink bathtub and toilet dates the room to the 1950s or 60s.

Because so many elements of design tend to date a space, we’re often asked to update rooms to bring them into the “now.”

img_9696Sometimes all that requires is a coat of paint, a few new furnishings and new window treatments. Other times, as is the case with this particular project, modernizing a former trend takes a little more work.

There was a time when indoor pillars were quite popular. Now that they’ve faded from the pinnacle of popularity, clients want a fresh look.

Happily, we found a way to update the area around this tub that is beautiful and still retains the shape of the surround. The beautiful stained glass will be a timeless feature the clients can enjoy for decades to come!

What trends or design elements do you have in your home that you wish you could change to give an updated look? Contact Ellen Kurtz Interiors at and we’ll help you find inspiring ways to freshen up your home.