Lower Level Design Features Military Display, Wine Cellar

One of the nice things about designing a lower level is that it doesn’t have to be as rushed as a main floor project.

Because most homeowners don’t use the lower level of their home as their primary living space, this portion of the home can be used for the “extras” – the bar, the playroom, the home office, the wine cellar or whatever other special need the family has.

The client and I can take a little extra time to decide what will make the best use of the space. Should we add a wall here to make an entertainment room? Do we need an extra bedroom on this level?

Obviously, we don’t dawdle in the design process – nobody likes to have projects dragging on in their home.

But it’s nice to have the luxury of drawing up design plans and choosing flooring without worrying about how long a main living space like the kitchen or master bathroom will be under construction or in disarray.

On this project, I’ve been working with my clients on their lower level for some time, turning what was an unfinished basement into a multi-functional space. They wanted a bedroom, a family room, an updated bathroom, a wine cellar and bar in their lower level.

We put a great deal of effort into making this lower level look polished, adding elements like stone work and wood ceiling beams.

My client, a decorated pilot, also wanted to display his military memorabilia. I designed a space near the bar and set up a display wall that shows off his remarkable collection.

We are still adding the final touches to this project, and will add more images of the completed space as we get them.

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