Pastels are in Bloom!

Pastels are making a comeback!

According to a recent online article from Sherwin-Williams, these soft hues are making a re-emergence. But don’t worry these aren’t the pastels we tend to associate with Easter eggs or Dynasty. Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, says, “Pastels don’t have to be baby blue or pale pink. They can have depth and substance to them, which makes them more usable.” The article goes on the say pastels can be more masculine. Pale grays and blue-grays, which can be considered pastel, are generally thought of as being masculine hues. This helps diminish the stereotype of pastels being “feminine.”

A great example of pastels being soft, yet rich is Sherwin-Williams trend palette, Vintage Moxie.

Chevron pattern comprised of the Vintage Moxie color palette.
Chevron pattern comprised of the Vintage Moxie color palette. Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Don’t think you have to use all pastels in a room setting. You can definitely mix the soft hues with a deeper tone. You can also throw pastels in with black and white for a modern edge.


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