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Devonworth Wins by a Landslide

This project was definitely down to the wire.

The Saturday before Super Bowl Ellen and Jill hauled accessories and a 7′ tall palm tree through the snow to add finishing touches to this beautiful home. Painters were still painting and the cleaners were trying to get the last of the construction dust off of everything. Ellen and Jill stood back, took a look and just smiled.

You see, this was the second rustic Lower Level Ellen Kurtz Interiors completed for these particular clients. Their previous house had an amazing Lower Level that was completed just over 2 years ago. They decided to move last year and left their amazing home in Grey Stone.

When they bought the house in Devonworth, the Lower Level was beautiful; just not what they were used too.  Ellen and Jill started plotting and planning devising a plan that just worked.  The idea kept the cost reasonable.  The cabinetry from the original bar was reused, and a new front bar was added.  The brick on the fireplace was removed and replaced with a rustic feel stone.  It completely changed the look of the space.

With the help of John Dickens Remodeling we turned the clients dreams into reality.  Once the project was completed the client said we had outdone ourselves, and they were so pleased with the outcome!  The Rams did not make it to the Superbowl this year but this St. Louis family had the best Superbowl party ever.

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Thanks for following this project over the past few months.  To see all photos of this Devonworth remodel check Ellen Kurtz Interiors Facebook page or read past Devonwoth project posts.

If you love this look contact Ellen or Jill today and find out how to give your lower level a rustic redesign.