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Lower Level Living Area Gets a Boost

As we continue to live with this pandemic — spending more time than ever in our homes, especially as this winter chill sets in — I’m starting to hear some common design requests. Previously forgotten or underused areas of the home are making a comeback. The lower level of the home, for instance, is getting […]
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How the Pandemic is Shaping Interior Design

There’s not enough good news these days, especially as it relates to the pandemic. But in the interior design world, there actually have been some silver linings. So I thought it might be fun to spend a blog post talking about how Covid-19 has shaped our design choices and relationships to our homes.  Now, I […]
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Love a Good Layout? It’s All in the Planning!

If there’s a pet peeve common to all interior designers, it’s when people assume our job is only about aesthetics and decor. Yes, we want your house to be gorgeous. And there is a lot of thought, and instinct, that goes into that element of the job. But the layout and how your space functions […]

Design Talk: Setting Up Conversation Areas in Your Home

What would we do without our TVs? Well, we’d probably talk a lot more — to our spouse and children, to our friends, and to other visitors. Real, thoughtful, engaging conversation. Imagine that! Casual conversation is a wonderful way to enjoy our idle time, and that’s why I’m so excited about the latest design trend […]