5 Fun & Fabulous Holiday Tips

Decorating Tip #1: Holiday Table Decor

Gold Feather Holiday Table CenterpieceUse a fun and funky piece as a table centerpiece. Since everyone seems to be crafty this year and with Pinterest inspiring and generating ideas. Why not reinvent something old to something eye catching.

These candlesticks sat on the self in the showroom gathering dust in their original color.  We spayed them gold for the holidays and added magnolia leaves, a moss ball, feathers and a little glitz and glam.  Perfection!  The burgundy dogwood branches added a splash of color.

The client even thought she might keep these out year round!

Decorating Tip #2: Coordinating Color

Now red and green are definitely the Christmas colors, but anything goes! When clients come to Ellen Kurtz Interiors and request their homes to be decorated for the Holidays, we keep their color scheme in mind.
Stairway Banister Holiday Garland

We do this by representing their color scheme in the ribbon, florals, and ornaments.  As you can see in the picture to the right, the gorgeous black and gold ribbon matches the main stairwell runner.   Placing burgundy ribbon add a festive splash of color, as well as, a finishing touch.

Decorating Tip #3: Unique Tree Decor

Unique Holiday Tree

Trees do not have to be green and branchy! In this situation we used an Eiffel Tower wine rack as our tree. I took some garland and wrapped it around the tower and then added poinsettia picks, ornaments and lovely amber cheetah ribbon.

When decorating think outside the box!  Nothing has to be by the book.  The holiday season is the time where you can experiment with fun things in your house, and if it does not get rave reviews, try something different next year.

Lime Green and Red Wreath and TreeDecorating Tip #4: Adding Color

When we see red and green together we automatically think of Christmas, right? Well, I do anyway. This year I saw a little twist with the traditional colors, and I really like it.

Everywhere you look you see the bright lime green with a fun and festive red. Just looking at it puts you in the Christmas spirit!

Try adding these colors to your greenery and add fun ribbon or glitzy picks.  You can even add them to your everyday décor.

Decorating Tip #5

Christmas SwagWhen decorating for Christmas, I find there are people that either go-all-out or are a little reserved. Where ever you fall in on the spectrum, you can always add little touches of Christmas to every room. In this room, Ellen and I took a swag and placed it from the bookcases.   Adding a  bow to each side, as well as, adding ornaments that coordinated with the ornaments on the tree.  The swag is not over powering, but adds a little to the everyday look.

See other seasonal decor.

-Jill Bolzenius