Wapping Paper Color Design Inspiration

Pinterest Wrapping PaperEach year, after shopping for the perfect gift, we sit down to wrap each item with care using the perfect paper. The paper that was picked based on our favorite colors, shapes and images. We adorn the package with beautiful bows, ribbons and trinkets. It is a exquisite masterpiece! But, after Christmas morning the gifts are unwrapped and we are left with remnants of our favorite wrapping paper we loved so much.

What do we do with it now?
Pinterest Paper DesignLook at the paper and determine why you loved it so much. Was it an oddly matched color design that you would never put together? Was it your favorite color?

That color scheme can now inspire an entire room design.

Recently, Sherwin Williams released its Colormix 2012 Forecast.  Ellen and Jill, both attended a presentation by Color Marketing Director, Jackie Jordan discussing in-depth colors to reckon with this next year.

The Holiday paper to the right boasts some of those top colors with hues of grey, brown, pinks and yellow.  I know you are thinking how in the world will this translate to my interior design.

Check back next month to find tips on how to make your favorite paper inspire an entire room design.

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