Designing A Rustic Home with Memorable Accents

Rustic home design includes unique elements.Every individual’s home should be a representation of who they are.

As a designer, I find it very rewarding when I finish a project that not only pleases the client, but also gives visitors to the space a glimpse into the homeowner’s style and taste.

This rustic, western-style home is a great example of a unique space that is designed specifically to the homeowner’s sense of style.

I love working on these kinds of projects because they allow me to choose one-of-a-kind, custom-made pieces that will be memorable to anyone who visits the space.

This client and I had worked together before, so I knew her taste well and understood her desire to have low-maintenance finishes in her new home.

She and I worked together to select nearly every element of the space – the finishes, the cabinets, flooring, lighting, plumbing, stone and custom treatments. I provided the drawings for the fireplaces and bookcases.

The fireplace wall is a huge feature in the home. The scale is large, but it fits the expansive room.  The fireplace is a huge feature in the room.The bookcases flanking the large stone fireplace are ten feet tall and are made using reclaimed lumber. The massive wall next to the staircase is made of stone and is even more impressive in person.

All the furnishings in the home are new, and were custom-made for the homeowner to suit her specific taste and style.

We created the sofa table from a large slab of lumber with a natural edge, and added the decorative cabinet with iron tree branches on the front. I bought a wagon wheel and had it hung under a cowboy picture.

I had two doors from an old Armoire custom-painted by my faux finisher, and hung them in the library. We hired a contractor to create the long wood plank light fixture that hangs over the breakfast table.

Some of my favorite elements of this project are the accessories – the large plates on the wall, the red pots on the fireplace and the horse and buffalo pictures.

The Native American in the corner and the cowboy boots were purchased on E-bay, but a majority of the accessories came from Accessories by Design, my now-closed store.

As you can see from the pictures, the final results of this project are pretty fantastic. This is a home that is memorable and a perfect glimpse into the homeowner’s taste.

Thanks to Metro Lighting and Schaeffer & Mills Custom Home Builders for their work on this project.