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Wildwood Bathroom Design Draws Inspiration From Nature

Sometimes inspiration strikes in unusual ways. We have a wily woodchuck to thank for this bathroom remodel in a Wildwood home (wily woodchuck in Wildwood — say that five times fast). While our client were out of town, a woodchuck somehow found his way into their home. Luckily, their son was home and able to…
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Staging is the Key to Competing in a Luxury Real Estate Market

Anniversaries give us the opportunity to reflect on the passage of time and consider our achievements — and we are certainly feeling nostalgic here at Ellen Kurtz Interiors. It’s been just over a year since we launched Staged By Design, the natural outgrowth of our interior design business. Dipping into the world of luxury staging…
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Bathroom Design Solutions Overcome Roadblocks

It's inevitable to encounter a few roadblocks while developing a design plan, particularly when you're working on a bathroom. Some designers are quick to steer around the problem, even if that means sacrificing their client’s vision for the space. We, on the other hand, enjoy a good challenge and want to tackle it head-on, so…
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Bath Remodel Bucks The Gray Trend

Gray and white palettes have been running the show lately in design, particularly when it comes to bathrooms. So it was refreshing when our clients told us they wanted their bathroom remodel to stray from that trend. Their vision for their new bath was one of earthy tones and a traditional style that matched the…
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