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MOMA Exhibit Examines Interior Design History, Sparks Passion in Designers

At the center of the exhibition, a replica of the famous Frankfurt Kitchen showcases one of the first important experiments in rethinking the home. Foreshadowing contemporary discussions of minimal living, the well-engineered space brought scientific rigor and user experience approach to German households. Grete Lihotzky. Frankfurt Kitchen from the Ginnheim-Höhenblick Housing Estate, Frankfurt am Main,…
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Small Groupings Make a Big Impact in Design

It doesn't always require an entire redesign to make an impact in a space. Sometimes, a client will ask me to help them design a small section of a room, or layout a grouping around a new piece of furniture. It's amazing how just focusing on one small area can make such a significant difference…
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New Materials and Refinished Pieces Create Cozy, Soothing Space

Longtime clients are a lot like longtime friends. As the years pass by, you get the pleasure of watching each other evolve and grow. One of the best things about working with longtime clients is seeing how their taste has changed over the years. A perfect example of this is a couple I have worked…
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