Design Talk: Setting Up Conversation Areas in Your Home

What would we do without our TVs? Well, we’d probably talk a lot more — to our spouse and children, to our friends, and to other visitors. Real, thoughtful, engaging conversation. Imagine that! Casual conversation is a wonderful way to enjoy our idle time, and that’s why I’m so excited about the latest design trend…
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Six Tips to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life

via HGTV Summer is in full swing and if you’ve been barbecuing, entertaining friends or just taking some downtime with your family, you might be feeling the need to spruce up your deck or patio. Here’s a few tips to help you create an outdoor living space that is trendy, comfortable and will last you…
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Tip: Use the Concepts of Staging in Design

Ever walk into a home that’s been staged and say “Wow! THIS is the home and look I want.” But when all the documents are signed and it comes time to put your own stamp on the place, you find yourself feeling a little lost? It’s actually something I hear clients talk about a lot.…
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Smart Appliances Merge Technological Advancement with Visual Appeal

From voice-activated lights and video doorbells to virtual personal assistants that help us keep up with household tasks, most homes now include some sort of smart technology.   As a designer, I have always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with technology. Sure, the gadgets and wires serve a valuable purpose, but boy, do…
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